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IAEE Tech Guide


Event Data Platform Builds Attendance and Generates Higher Exhibitor ROI

August 21, 2018

The Nexus Data Group, based in Newport Beach, California, uses event data harvested from multiple sources to help exhibition organizers make better strategic decisions, market more effectively to attendees, and deliver better ROI to exhibitors.

The firm created a personal show app, which is delivered to each attendee and does not require a trip to the App Store. It is capable of gathering hundreds of thousands of data points from a single show. The data can be used to create better connections between exhibitors and buyers.

Nexus Data Group has also developed a new technology platform (The Nexus) that synchronizes all data related to an exhibition and drives strategic, dynamic marketing campaigns. The process starts with cleaning and synchronizing all of an organizer’s historic, but siloed, data to convert it into an actionable data system, which is then dynamically integrated with other data sources and communications tools.

The Nexus performs a number of tasks:

  • Dynamically sending curated emails
  • Tracking (and using) email metadata
  • Delivering personal guides to each show attendee (or prospect)
  • Retrieving leads and reporting top prospects to exhibitors

The Nexus addresses the need for attendees to discover the most relevant exhibitors, events, and information. It helps exhibitors attract the right buyers to their booths so that ROI increases along with leads. With synchronized data, organizers can create a more effective and efficient event.