As a consistently top-tier rated venue, the OCCC is dedicated to creating Transformational Experiences.As a consistently top-tier rated venue, the OCCC is dedicated to creating Transformational Experiences.As a consistently top-tier rated venue, the OCCC is dedicated to creating Transformational Experiences.
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IAEE Tech Guide


Freeman’s OnlineEvent® Provides Virtual Production Solution

August 12, 2020

Alkami, the leading provider of cloud-based digital banking, was in the final stages of planning its three-day annual event when the COVID-19 pandemic took in-person events out of the equation. Alkami had two months to transition its conference from in-person to digital.

To entice its expected in-person audience to attend virtually, the online gathering needed to re-imagine education sessions and audience engagement with as seamless a production as possible. It was essential that attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors could easily navigate the experience ensuring it was both productive and enjoyable.

Even though the event format was novel, Alkami’s intent to create a personalized online experience remained unchanged. The team quickly shifted its strategy to focus on (and build) audience engagement. The “Get Social” gamification element encouraged attendees to post on social platforms using #AlkamiUnite2020.

Alkami and Freeman worked to quickly develop and build the event using Freeman’s OnlineEvent®Pro platform. The registration page helped to promote the virtual event and served as an audience destination where attendees could explore offerings and virtually network with fellow registrants before attending the experience live.

The Online-Event Pro platform supported “simulive” sessions and panel discussions, which were pre-recorded, edited, and webcasted live during the event. The Freeman production team prepped the presenters, via remote virtual green rooms with tips for adjusting the equipment, and moderating live questions.

Freeman also designed and delivered an event-wide gamified experience, with daily prizes and a grand prize following the event, based on attendees’ points earned for session attendance, asking questions, and participating in networking.

Freeman supported Alkami’s Get Social game with real-time data analytics to track how attendees were engaging with the platform and also helped identify winners based on their activity levels.

Instead of its initial anticipated audience of 500, this inaugural online gathering drew more than 1,200 attendees representing more than 150 U.S. financial institutions. The event offered 16 sessions during the day, which attracted 381 attendees on average per session. And social interaction thrived with 374 posts shared — this obvious enthusiasm illustrates the success of the platform’s “Get Social” challenges and incentives. Online event attendees typically bounce between 5-6 pages per visit; however, Alkami Unite attendees averaged 18.12 pages per visit. Alkami considered this event successful not only due to the overwhelmingly positive response, but also because it evolved into something more than the team anticipated.

As more event organizers turn to virtual and hybrid events, Freeman’s OnlineEvent®Pro is well positioned to grow because it offers a broad range of solutions. Organizers can choose from a broad range of services from registration, speaker preparation and sponsorship programs to live streaming, matchmaking, gamification and tradeshow, to reporting and analytics, and more.