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IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center
IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center


Guest Behavior Tools Deliver Insights That Improve Attendee Experience

March 28, 2019

2018 IAEE Tech Committee Expo! Expo! Show Selection

As an event management company, Experient helps organizers deliver exceptional event experiences. Experient’s core services include meeting and event management, hotel and site selection, housing, registration, lead-retrieval solutions, and data analytics. The company has developed a stack of tools that allow it to understand guest behavior through various phases of an event. The tools include ways to measure engagement, understand satisfaction, and collect feedback to drive decision-making.

Experient has created the Page Performance Report, an automated report that measures how guests are using its websites when registering and booking their housing. By tracking how much time a guest spends on a specific task in the registration or housing process, coupled with the percentage of exits on that page, Experient can understand where guests are succeeding or struggling without directly getting input from them.

One client’s registration website was producing abnormally high dwell times and exit rates on the membership lookup page. Once the data showed an anomaly, Experient’s teams recorded a subset of users going through the website and identified the problem. In this case, the issue was resolved by reducing the number of search methods available to find the guest membership record. The Experient team consulted with the customer and made the necessary changes to the process. The changes resulted in 16% fewer exits on the membership lookup page, 17% less time spent on the page, and more converted registrations.

Another client witnessed similar results using the same Experient tools on the hotel search page of its website. Using the Page Performance Report to measure exit rates on the page, Experient made a significant aesthetic change and saw the exit rate decrease by 16%. This means more rooms booked within the block and more revenue accrued to the client.

Another tool that allows Experient to gather feedback is the Page Level Survey Widget. Experient found that adding a quick feedback mechanism at the bottom of each webpage in the registration and housing process is much less daunting for the event guest and resulted in exponentially more data insights. Experient set up reports to allow the client to see feedback daily and the actionable data enables them to pivot quickly when online registration and housing is not optimal.

Using the Page Level Survey Widget, an Experient client that previously issued a survey at the end of the registration process saw responses increase from approximately 100 in prior years to over 23,000 responses in the current year. The Page Level Survey Widget produces an average of 2,500 responses per page in the registration process.

Another client registered an abnormally high volume of customer service inquiries with its event. Experient gathered all of the data from previous years to create a targeted FAQ document on the website. It also developed an auto-responder email with quick links to helpful sites based on what it learned from looking at the data. This technique resulted in 37% less customer service interactions, 2,000 fewer emails, 100 fewer chats, and 1,800 fewer calls to customer service.

Experient has created a method to implement A/B testing on customer websites. It can randomly select guests to test in different ways to solve a specific problem, measure the results, and then make a decision based on the data. For example, Experient can alter the website flow, so one guest sees a page that has a red button and others see a page with a blue button. Measuring the conversion rate based on experimenting with actual users leads to making better, more informed decisions, improved user experiences, and higher throughput rates on websites.