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How a Speaker Presentation Platform Can Support Lead Generation

October 31, 2019

Glisser, based in New York, NY, provides award-winning presentation software, integrated audience response system and event analytics platform. Their audience participation app shares slides from presentations to personal devices instantly, then uses audience interaction to improve the delegate experience and provide powerful event analytics.

Two core pillars of marketing are lead generation and brand awareness. One activity that can contribute to success in both pillars is the demonstration of thought leadership. This involves the creation of content that harnesses a brand or employee’s expertise in an industry, to provide valuable information or solutions to pain points that their audience (target market) face.

Thought leadership can take many forms, public speaking is perhaps one of the most highly effective as it combines persuasive and compelling storytelling with a personal touch, but it is difficult to quantify and hard to measure. Speaking can also be a lead
generation activity that facilitates the delivery of key sales or educational messages, gather leads, and converts them in a measurable way through on-site or post-event sales activities.

The challenge of using speaking opportunities as a marketing exercise is not the content – as this is the marketing team’s bread and butter. Instead, the challenge for marketers is capturing leads effectively, efficiently, and in volume. Previously this might take the form of simply getting an audience to raise their hand or to approach the speaker after the completion of the session. But with tens, hundreds or even thousands of audience members this can easily create a massive bottleneck with just a handful getting seen. Even then, those that do manage to get hold of the speaker may not be the best leads in the room – there’s no way to qualify them quickly.

Glisser’s presentation platform assist speakers in collecting more leads, qualifying leads and ensuring the leads are distributed to the business development team. The live polling feature facilitates the capture of email address in a GDPR-friendly way that secures their consents at the same time. Speakers can also qualify the audience by asking ice breaker questions that provide insight into the person or the company they represent. A Net Promoter Score (NPS) can be captured by closing with the question “has this presentation made you more likely to be interested in Topic or Service X”. Additionally, a final question should inquire if audience member (lead) wants a follow-up conversation – with an answer of Yes or Maybe are well worth passing on to the business development team.

Implementing Glisser guarantees multiple returns on the investment:

  • Speaker utilization takes the leg work out of sourcing and gathering potential leads. As soon as a speaking session has been completed, the engaged audience members’ contact details (usually email) are available in a single platform.
  • Analytics reveal how each audience member voted in polls and answered qualification or scoring questions. The data provides even deeper layers of information, such as how they each interacted with content, what questions they had, whether they took notes, and if they downloaded the slides. All this data paints a valuable insight into their motivations and needs.
  • The platform collects and stores all the data and is easily uploadable into a CRM system, such as HubSpot or Salesforce, thereby reducing workload post-event.