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IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center
IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center


How a Virtual Assistant Helped Free Up Time for Show Managers at ASD

October 31, 2019

Freeman, based in Dallas, TX, helps brands build powerful experiences. By incorporating many senses into the experiences they design for clients, they take audiences to interesting and surprising places, invent new realities, connect people in incredible ways.

Shows are exciting. There is so much to see, learn, and interact with, and attendees often have questions. When is the registration period? Where is the keynote speaker session? What time is the exhibitor floor opening? Where do I pick up my swag bag? Where are the bathrooms? Relieving show staff from the need to answer these repetitive questions frees them up to get more strategic, impactful things done for the show – which makes for an all-around better show experience.

Freeman’s chatbot solution is an automated interaction tool designed to work through multiple channels like SMS, apps, and Facebook Messenger to answer questions in real-time. The solution is built with insights from past events to predict questions best, and the CMS offers live insights into users’ queries. Because of the multi-channel functionality, clients can answer questions effectively, wherever their attendees choose to interact before and during the show.

The customized ASD chatbot, Savvy Sara, fielded over 7,000 questions and was able to answer 90 percent of those questions accurately before the show even began. Show attendees were able to get their questions answered quickly, allowing them to better engage with the show and its exhibitors. Show managers were able to allocate the time that would have been used for answering those thousands of questions to more strategic tasks and focus on the show experience.

The chatbot answered attendee questions in real-time, 24×7, starting two months prior to the event and then onsite. Freeman estimates they helped drive 500 to 1,000 un-registered attendees to the event and assisted an estimated 50 to 100 exhibitors with questions that helped drive their decision to exhibit at the show.