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How Automating Lead Capture Increases Lead Volume and Reduces Follow Up Time

October 31, 2019

iCapture, based in Boise, ID, is a Mobile Lead Capture software designed to capture leads, conduct surveys, gain digital opt-ins and more at trade shows and live events, in retail and showroom settings, and even for use by mobile workforces across the country.

The primary goals of a company exhibiting at a trade show or sponsoring an event are the capture of new leads and the strengthening of current relationships. The challenge with lead capture is the quality of “the capture” especially when traffic is high. There’s also the time investment required to enter all the business cards into the CRM.

iCapture automates the lead capture by scanning badges or business cards and instantly syncing the attendee’s data into the company’s CRM. It also qualifies leads as hot, warm, and cold according to the company’s pre-set qualifiers. Afterward, the company has access to data and analytics, so they can prove ROI/event spend and make data-driven decisions (such as which events to attend, which booth staff perform the best, which hours of events they need the most booth staff, event trend lines, etc.).

iCapture is built to work with thousands of integrations. It utilizes developer kits onsite with integration specialists and other team members ensuring the automation from trade show booth to CRM seamless. Their data and analytics show real-time number of scans by rep, total numbers of scans and quality of leads., saw a 50 percent increase in both total leads collected and the lead quality. They also now have a 7x faster lead follow-up.

TriZetto Provider Solutions, a Cognizant company, had a 25 percent increase in total leads collected, have reduced their lead follow-up from weeks to hours, and have saved approximately $1500 per event on booth staff due to their event data.