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How Automating Meetings Saves Time and Resources While Reduces Errors

October 31, 2019

ePlannerPro, based in Atlanta, GA, provides meeting scheduling software that assists in managing and creating engaging meetings.

For meeting and event planners, managing the meeting scheduling process at trade shows and conferences is often a laborious process of manually entering the information into a spreadsheet and tracking email responses. It’s a time and resource drain, not to mention chaotic and stressful. This manual process is prone to errors, duplicated efforts, frustration, burn out and a lot of wasted time.

By automating the meeting scheduling process, ePlannerPro enables attendees, exhibitors and sponsors to schedule one-on-one meetings, demos, booth tours and receptions before and during a trade show or conference. The web application and on-location mobile and tablet apps empowers the meeting/event planner to create and customize meeting request forms and communications instantly.

The ROI? A meeting/event planner saves time while reducing errors. Specifically managing the meeting room locations and the meeting schedules saves an estimated five hours a week versus manually entering the data into a spreadsheet and monitoring the emails for updates, cancellations, and new registrations and meeting requests.