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IAEE Tech Guide


How to Make Better Use of the Data You Already Have

October 31, 2019

Nexus Data Group, based in Newport Beach, CA, provides new technology, products, and services which will harness the power of your event data to support strategic decisions, deliver effective targeted marketing, and create better results. Connecting this synchronized data with state-of-the-art email and internet tools empowers organizers to achieve three key objectives: Increase quality attendance; create attendee engagement; and deliver exhibitor ROI.

Organizers collect a lot of data, but almost always, it ends up in separate data silos. This data is frequently inaccurate and rapidly becomes outdated.

The Nexus is a data integration system that cleans data (e.g., remove invalid or wrong emails) and then accurately integrates all data to produce a single record for each individual. The Nexus data system can then be used for personalized, segmented and dynamic marketing. New data (e.g., registration, hotel, seminars, website and social media use, onsite activities) can all be dynamically integrated into The Nexus. Making is easy to harness the power of accurate real-time data.

Typical data cleaning return – 100,000 source records contained 12,000 invalid emails and records were merged into 60,000 accurate records. With clean data, targeted and strategic marketing can increase registration conversions by 10 percent. By utilizing dynamic data, exhibitor leads can increase by 100 percent.