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How Twilio Enhanced Attendee Experience and Generated More Revenue with Tech Enabled Meeting Pods

October 31, 2019

ZenSpace Inc, based in San Jose, CA, is an industry pioneer in fully automated, on-demand, technology-enabled meeting spaces for on-the-go businesspeople. They are the first company to combine a technology platform, mobile app and convenient meeting pods to create a “smart pod.”

One of the key pain points cited by people who are away from their office, especially event attendees (where can be tens of thousands milling around) is a convenient, private, quality location to conduct business. Providing participants with these quiet, tech-enabled spaces delivers a win for all event stakeholders:

  • Organizers can enhance their attendee experience by providing much-needed meeting room spaces that also can generate additional revenue through sponsorships
  • Service Providers can offer a new solution to their customers that provides turnkey options for rental and placement.
  • Exhibitors have an additional turnkey option for creating a more private meeting space in which to conduct business within their floor space
  • Sponsors have a “space” to generate brand visibility and impact, enhancing their presence at an event
  • Attendees have a quiet, private, free or reasonably priced space in which to conduct business

ZenSpace SmartPod combines a small meeting “pod” (private, quiet, tech-enabled meeting rooms) with a micro-leasing mobile/web app that enables on-demand scheduling in shorter time increments. The pods are designed for use in a wide range of public spaces and venues where there is a high concentration of businesspeople and a lack of available private meeting space. Additionally, they are equipped with WIFI internet connectivity, power and USB ports, 32” HD Display monitor with wireless casting connectivity, lighting and air circulation controls, Bose speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, Smart Lock enabled access (for enhanced privacy) and phone/video conference tech-enabled.

When Twilio was seeking a flexible solution for creating meeting spaces for different uses at the Moscone Center for their annual company developer/partner event, Twilio Signal 2019, they turned to ZenSpace Twilio sought the construction of a complimentary business lounge for attendee use and a VIP lounge to be used by sales and executive teams for customer and partner meetings was requested.

The Twilio Quiet Space Lounge (business lounge) utilized nine 2-seat pods were arranged with standard furnishings to create a high utility, high impact space for busy Signal attendees to conduct their business. The lounge was packed from opening until closing all event days.

The Twilio VIP Lounge utilized four 4-seat ZenSpace pods and were located directly on the event exhibit hall floor to facilitate key customer and partner meetings conducted by Twilio Sales and executive teams. The pods effectively “shut out the noise clutter” of a busy expo hall, enabling more productive and comfortable meetings to take place in a highly convenient location.