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IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center
IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center


How WVC Annual Ditched Their Walkie-Talkies & Binders and Brought Onsite Conference Management Into the 21st Century

October 31, 2019

CadmiumCD, based out of Forest Hill, MD, is an All-In-One Event Management + Attendee Engagement Platform. Their services include conference proceedings, onsite audio recording, audio synchronization with presentation slides, abstract collection systems, speaker data collection, review tools, poster galleries, online itinerary planners, exhibitor management tools, and conference education apps.

Veterinary professionals convene each year at the Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) for one of the largest, most influential gatherings of veterinary professionals in the world. The show is a comprehensive five-day educational event to connect, inspire and fuel attendees’ passion for animal healthcare. During WVC’s 89th Annual Conference, CadmiumCD introduced eventScribe Boost, an enhanced version of its eventScribe Conference App, with features that extend beyond the educational experience of attendees.

WVC and CadmiumCD noticed a considerable challenge in the event app market: most event apps were glorified social media feeds with schedule functionality. eventScribe has always been a little different, pioneering educational features like slide-sharing and note-taking on slides. But there was something missing. Despite the existence of robust event management software tools like those available as part of the myCadmium platform, these tools were not easy to use onsite where meeting planners needed them most. Together CadmiumCD and WVC worked to find a solution.

There were also a few challenges WVC needed to solve to be more efficient onsite. They sought to:

  • Transition functionality from old, expensive technology (like walkie-talkies and event binders) into their mobile App
  • Manage their data from one platform that integrated with all content delivery systems (apps, websites, signage
  • Give attendees and speakers the best experience possible (easy-to-use, seamless user experience).

The result was a new product, eventScribe Boost, that could be used as a standalone product, or layered on their eventScribe App for attendees. WVC was able to get rid of a large majority of their walkie-talkies and digitize their contact sheets, because all their vendor, speaker, and attendee contact information were housed in Boost. They were also able to use the App to communicate instantly with attendees through mobile push notifications and access real-time app stats. Additionally, when planners, speakers, or vendors logged in the App, they were greeted with alternate content blocks that relate to their specific role.

Speakers, for example, receive the speaker ready room hours at the top of the App, a seamless speaker ready room log-in experience, and a personalized schedule based on their assigned sessions. Vendors had a button for team members, which lists all onsite contacts, and allows them to text, call, or email an individual with one touch. The planning team had widgets for to-dos, team members, notifications, and app stats, so they could pull data in real-time and react accordingly.

eventScribe Boost connects with CadmiumCD’s conference planning and data management system, the Conference Harvester, so edits made onsite updated all eventScribe products, including Conference Apps, Websites, and Digital Signage. When WVC required a change to the schedule or a speaker uploaded a new version of their presentation, those changes were made in the Conference Harvester and were reflected across the WVC website, App, signage, and AV systems. See eventScribe Boost in action here.

Using eventScribe Boost, WVC was able to:

  • Stay Organized – Access notes, tear sheets, room setups, and other logistics details, all from the event app
  • Ditch the Walkies – Contact team members, vendors, and other stakeholders at the touch of a button
  • Immediately Act on Popup Challenges – Create to-dos and prioritize tasks so the team could address issues before the audience ever realized them