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IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center
IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center


Increase Efficiencies Through the Adoption of Project Management Software

October 31, 2019

GES is based in Las Vegas, NV and their mission is to create the world’s most meaningful and memorable experiences for marketers, organizers, and event attendees. With access to resources across GES ( strategists, planners, creatives, marketers, logisticians, fabricators, multimedia/AV experts, I&D teams and so much more) they offer to deliver high-value, high-impact experiences to event attendees and the people they influence, and deliver standout show floor experiences.

For decades, show managers have been putting together all sorts of shows throughout the globe. While some shows are small, others large, many of them have one thing in common – They all strive to find the most efficient way to manage all the tasks and communications they need to do before, during, and after a show. Often post-it notes and Excel spreadsheets rule these worlds. Technology assist the organizers with the ability to be more efficient, but the verdict is still out on whether show managers will give up what they’re used to doing or try out new technology that will change the way they manage their events.

GES’s Project Central event management platform empowers organizers to manage every element of an event – before, during, and after the show – all from one centralized platform. The cloud-based software platform developed exclusively for show organizers facilitates file collaboration and digital proof books, integration with accommodations and additional vendors and a drag-and-drop task manager. Here are the features and benefits:

  • Proofing – Eliminates the use of traditional faxing and/or emailing comments back and forth
  • Tasks – Traditional use of Excel is approximately 90% of our industry users. This replaces a hard-printed copy with a mobile friendly way to organize all tasks/projects in addition to communicating with all vendors on one platform
  • Ordering – Replaces the email or Excel sheet method of submitting work/sign orders into an easy to use online ordering system
  • Analytics – Typically show managers ask their account teams for analytics for their exhibitors or orders; this part of our platform now gives the show managers an On-Demand solution where they can pull any numbers in real-time
  • Proofbook – Allows users to build a custom Proofbook of all approved graphics into one main book – The view can be saved online rather than printing off the typical “large book” of approved graphics
  • At-Show View – The platform provides show managers with two views, one for pre/post show and one for at-show – The At-Show gives them a view “Live” of service tickets from exhibitors and exhibitor orders from the e-commerce platform

The results reveal savings on both time and dollars:

  • For Proofing GES is currently averaging 1.7 versions per proof globally, which is down from 2.9 before the platform was in place.
  • Typically, most show managers use up to 5 to 6 different media methods to communicate with internal users and vendors. Tasks brings the communication media to one platform, saving time on emails back and forth, meeting time, weekly reports, gathering information, and waiting on feedback.

A team of five people during a week spending two hours writing emails, one hour on meetings, one hour on weekly reports, one hour gathering information, and two hours waiting on feedback would typically spend 1,800 hours or $72,600 during the year. Utilizing rh platform, they would save 910 hours of this time or $36,300.

  • Adoption of Ordering is consistently rising – Logins and orders tripled in one quarter (967 vs. 322-logins, 11,412 vs. 4,800- orders). Additionally, the number of shows using the online ordering has tripled over the past four quarters (144 vs. 46.)
  • For show organizers with sustainability goals, Proofbook give them a “greener” option and saves time by eliminating “the search” to find and organize each proof as needed.