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Informa Tech Sponsors Reap the Benefits of Meeting Automation and CRM Integration

October 31, 2019

SummitSync, based in New York, NY, has the goal to help companies maximize their investment on conferences and trade shows by providing a meeting automation platform that fosters a higher quality and quantity of sales meetings scheduled and demos booked.

Companies want to maximize their event investments through sales engagement at trade shows and conferences. Many teams have found that their current process of booking sales meetings lacked accountability and visibility that provided little to no insight in meeting numbers. Using spreadsheets for meeting management is problematic, and with only so much time and resources to engage with prospects at events, they need a faster, more streamlined way to book meetings, manage location logistics, and record ROI tracking.

SummitSync’ meeting automation platform integrates with Salesforce and cloud calendars, streamlining scheduling to book, manage, and track meetings in a user-friendly interface. Their tool helps to create more successful meetings and prove the value of pre-booked sales meetings at conferences and trade shows can be measured. They do this by enabling
organizations to identify the right prospects to target and providing analytics to validate trade show ROI.

In 2018 Informa Tech wanted to create more value for their sponsors and help facilitate sales meetings between their sponsors and attendees. They also wanted to position themselves as thought leaders in technology and perceived as in-the-know of the latest platforms on the market.

Utilizing SummitSync, Informa Tech’s sponsors tripled the number of meetings scheduled at IoT World compared to 2017. Fifteen sponsors continued to reap the benefits in 2019 after purchasing the VIP Event Meeting Concierge add-on. On average each sponsor scheduled 25 meetings with over 300 unique attendees.