IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center
IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center


Integrated Event Software Enhances Attendee Experience and Marketing Efforts

Boomset from New York, New York develops event software that enhances the on-site experience for attendees. It integrates check-in, on-site badge, plastic card, and wristband printing, custom-branded self-check-in kiosks, lead retrieval, multi-session management, RFID tracking, and cashless payments.

The software firm helped the organizers of the 2017 Redken Symposium maintain the tech-savvy/hip appeal of the brand while acquiring relevant attendee information and event statistics. The firm eliminated the need for organizers to mail attendee badges and lock in preferred session selections (previously, no changes were allowed until the day of the event).

Boomset also helped Redken provide a better user experience across multiple vendors, reduce the wait time for attendee check-in, track session attendance accurately, collect better data more efficiently, eliminate waste, and remain within budget. Performance metrics included:

  • Badges (print in ~3 seconds) 1,212 people printed within 1 hour
  • Grand Opening session scanning: 3,276 people checked in in 30 minutes (109 attendees/minute)
  • Edit session schedules: 20 attendees/minute could edit/reprint their updated session schedule (using 18 iPads + 10 badge printers)
  • Access control: 13-15 attendees scanned per scanner/per minute (using eight scanners)

The custom-branded, multi-functional information screens (Boomset Smart Sessions) and badges printed on-demand eliminated the stress and inflexibility associated with the previous process. The enhanced attendee experience and more accurate data improved the organizer’s ability to market the event.