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Live Streaming Reduces Cost Per Attendee and Adds To Revenue

September 27, 2018

Madison, Wisconsin-based Sonic Foundry serves more than 4,900 educational institutions, corporations, health organizations, and government entities in over 65 countries. Its Mediasite Video Platform, which includes a variety of hardware and software solutions, automates the capture, management, delivery, and search of live and on-demand streaming videos.

Mediasite Events streams event content from multi-room and multi-track conference or education events, including those with valuable certification courses. It provides end-to-end services from registration to high-quality streaming of breakout and keynote sessions.

Live streaming of event content provides organizers with a number of benefits:

  • Reduce overall cost per attendee by increasing online attendance and viewership
  • Leverage recorded event content to populate training portals and create online communities
  • Create new revenue opportunities with pay-per-view videos or video sponsorships
  • Learn which content attracts the most views and see precisely who is watching to make informed program decisions, measure ROI, and plan future events.