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Matchmaking Software Increases Attendee Engagement And Delivers Valuable Audience Insights

October 18, 2018

2018 IAEE Tech Committee Expo! Expo! Show Selection

Brella matchmaking and meeting-scheduling software is suitable for all event participants, from visitors to exhibitors to sponsors. It is available on the web or as an app for iOS and Android devices. Users can log in using social media authentication, like LinkedIn or Google, or they can create a new Brella account in minutes. Established in Finland in 2016, the platform is used in more than 40 countries. Brella has offices in Helsinki, New York, and San Francisco.

Brella invites users to finish their profiles by choosing interests tailored to each event. The software’s algorithm uses the information to offer the most relevant matches for each attendee. After that, it’s a simple process for users to book meetings with their top matches, and once a meeting is accepted, participants can chat and discuss an agenda for the short meeting. Organizers can create a detailed schedule for the event using Brella and choose available networking times around their planned sessions, so private networking doesn’t overlap with scheduled programming.

Brella provides benefits to all event stakeholders. Exhibitors can use Brella to find interested clients for their products and meet them one-on-one at the event, initiating the sales process. Sponsors can mix brand awareness with personal engagement with new potential clients. Attendees can grow their business networks. Organizers can gather valuable, actionable data on attendee interests to discover what attendees want.

Finovate Spring 2018, an event dedicated to showing cutting-edge technology in the fintech industry, used Brella for the first time to allow startups to connect with investors and industry leaders to meet with interested parties. Event organizers were able to drive 400 attendees to the platform, where they arranged nearly 700 meetings.

At Google Cloud Next ’18 in San Francisco, Google partnered with Brella to bring a networking experience to its attendees. 812 users signed up and reserved 950 meetings, with 93% of those booked before the event began.

In both cases, event organizers received valuable data about attendee interests, which gave them a head start on improving subsequent events. They were able to examine the data to ensure preconceived notions about what attendees want align with reality. They can also compare the data to future events in different locations to gain a broad picture of the industry.