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MHI Boosts Event Attendance by 24% Utilizing Feathr

October 31, 2019

2019 IAEE Tech Committee Expo! Expo! Show Selection

Feathr, based in Gainesville, FL, offers a marketing toolkit built specifically for events and associations to help grow their audiences, engage them year-round, and increase sponsor revenue.

MHI’s signature event, ProMat, is a biennial trade show that gathers people from all over the world to see the best solutions and innovations in the manufacture and supply-chain industry and meet the leading providers in person. The MH marketing team had three primary goals for ProMat 2019:

  • Increase registration and attendance rates
  • Grow the event overall (exhibitors, speakers, attendees)
  • Lower CPA for event attendance

Prior to the 2019 show, MHI had contracted agencies to manage its digital marketing campaigns, which included some analytics, but there were challenges with transparency and efficiency.

For ProMat 2019, MHI elected to use Feathr Concierge, a managed services program designed to help customers set up their accounts, plan campaign strategies, design collateral and ad creatives, and launch and optimize campaigns. MHI collaborated with the team at Feathr to run a fully integrated marketing campaign, which began six months out and then ramped up as the event got closer.

The overall strategy included some traditional touchpoints like direct mail and print ads, but it leaned more heavily toward digital. To maximize event registration and turnout, Feathr helped MHI implement, track and optimize a wide variety of digital marketing campaigns including:

  • Awareness campaigns to spread the word about ProMat 2019 to new and existing audiences.
  • Conversion campaigns geared at targeting prospects to register and upsell registrants to paid ticket events.
  • Retention campaigns to keep registrants engaged and recapture people who abandoned registration.

In addition to managing these campaigns, the Concierge team also designed the creative assets – emails, ads, landing pages – and met weekly with MHI to execute on content refreshes. The teams tested out a variety of designs and styles, including some animated ads to capture more attention.

ProMat 2019 generated the best results MHI had ever seen from one of its events. With the help of the Concierge team, MHI was able to get in front of new audiences, keep them engaged over time with fresh content, and maximize event registration and attendance.

The event attracted 935 exhibitors and 50,000 attendees, which resulted in a 24 percent increase in attendance and 11 percent overall event growth compared with ProMat 2017. MHI decreased its overall CPA by 20 perent compared with ProMat 2017. The show realized an increase in the number of attendees, but more critically, in the quality of attendees, both of which are the most important factors in keeping exhibitors coming back in the future. The event had the highest floor density to date, with 4.5 attendees per 100 square feet.

MHI plans to continue growing its digital efforts with the help of the Concierge team and the Feathr platform, starting with upcoming MODEX event in 2020.