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IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center
IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center


NAEA Combined Technologies to Increase Eval Responses and Eased Attendee Access to Credits

October 31, 2019

CadmiumCD, based out of Forest Hill, MD, is an All-In-One Event Management + Attendee Engagement Platform. Their services include conference proceedings, on-site audio recording, audio synchronization with presentation slides, abstract collection systems, speaker data collection, review tools, poster galleries, online itinerary planners, exhibitor management tools, and conference education apps.

A challenge many associations face is ensuring that attendees complete their session evaluations. Additionally, attendees often struggle with knowing how to access credits for the sessions they attend.

NAEA solved these challenges by using a combination of CadmiumCD’s eventScribe App and Survey Magnet. When attendees entered a session room, they were required to scan a QR code for that session with the eventScribe App. This self-check-in process allowed NAEA to be hands-off during the process and not burn valuable staff resources. Attendees were incentivized to check-in because this process was tied directly to their access to credits. For every session in which they used self-check-in, they received an email reminding them to complete the evaluations and earn their credits. They could quickly complete these evaluations directly within the App. After completing all their evaluations, attendees could access a complete transcript that listed the sessions they attended and credits they earned from each session. This certificate could be printed out or access online as a PDF file.

As a result of the using the combined technologies 2,335 attendees completed session evaluations that started from 3,408 self-check-in scans and additional 960 attendees completed evaluations that did not start with a self-check-in.