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IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center
IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center


Online Exhibit Sharing Marketplace Lowers Costs and Supports Sustainability

October 31, 2019

Exhibitshub, based in Green Oaks, IL, offers new ways to transform how you exhibit with on-demand access to high-quality exhibits. Their all-inclusive pricing reduces costs by repurposing built out structures and using local services to rebrand and service their customers.

Exhibiting expense has grown exponentially while corporate budgets allocations remain flat. Further, 50 percent of companies don’t exhibit due to cost. In February of 2019, Exhibitshub launched the trade show industry’s first sharing economy marketplace that lowers the expense of booths and exhibit environments.

How it works.

Utilizing the online platform, companies can search, reserve and pay for an exhibit in their convention city, collaborate with top exhibit marketing firms to rebrand it, and receive an all-inclusive design and pricing proposal for booth use, rebranding and show services in approximately 48-hours. Because booths are ship locally and serviced by an in-city team, time and expense are significantly reduced. Further, custom booth owners can now monetize their exhibits when not in use, which offsets exhibit ownership expense. The regeneration of exhibits supports sustainability endeavors as an alternative to building new exhibits.

Exhibitshub continues to build upon its network exhibit marketing firms and affiliates and is in discussions to expand globally to make exhibiting easier for both inbound and outbound exhibitors.