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Rapid Response AI Chatbot on COVID-19

April 8, 2020

42chat by Sciensio, based in Draper, UT, are experts at developing and deploying AI chatbot technologies to create real and measurable customer value. Sciensio builds AI chatbots on their complete conversation platform to help clients build quality relationships with their customers.

With COVID-19 impacting the exhibitions and events industry, stakeholders are reaching out show organizers on their show’s status – scheduled as is, cancelled or postponed. It’s difficult for the show team to keep attendees and exhibitors up to date while also tending to the high inquiry volume from other stakeholders.

42Chat leveraged its proven event-based Conversational AI Chatbot platform to build a Rapid Response AI Chatbot for Coronavirus that could be deployed on an event website in less than 24 hours with just 10 minutes of the show team’s time.

It was built to answer the key questions about the status of the event 24/7, and to update customers as the situation evolved:

  • What is the current status of the show(s)?
  • If postponed, is there a new show date?
  • If canceled, what is the refund policy?
  • Where can I get information about COVID-19?

The bot has proven to be a vital contributor to the communications challenge presented by the crisis. Attendees and exhibitors are engaging with the chatbot between 3 and 6 times each, with an average Correct Response Rate of 96.6 percent. This level of engagement demonstrates both the need for communication and the ease with which a bot can be used, and each question answered by the bot one less question for the show team to answer.

This is providing show teams the peace-of-mind that their attendees and exhibitors are getting the information they need – while giving them the time they need to focus on doing everything they can to remain connected to their attendees make sure their event comes back stronger when the crisis is over.