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IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center
IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center


Smartly Navigating Multiple Conference Venues with Digital Signage

October 31, 2019

SmartSource Rentals, based in Chicago, IL,  provides a diverse range of products and services to a variety of major industries such as Entertainment, Legal, IT Staffing and Government. With a multi-million dollar rental inventory and industry veterans in areas such as trade show services, conference & event services and general technology services, SmartSource provides equipment, staff and technicians with direct experience in almost any vertical.

OpenText Enterprise World sought to take their 2019 conference to a more ‘green’ digital platform for their third year at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. The MTCC is a 700,000 square foot facility located in two separate, multi-level venues attached to the InterContinental Hotel. With an attendee size of over 5,000 people, they needed the ability to smartly direct people to the multiple venue levels and communicate important information to the attendees. The event encompassed keynotes, 200+ breakout sessions, 25+ training courses and 15+ Learn Path opportunities.

The solution needed to target the following points:

  • Make all conference information available digitally
  • Display static mapping of all venue levels
  • Display interactive, dynamic mapping of the expo floor
  • Display the conference sponsors
  • Display the conference agenda, certification, and hands-on training lab details

The vision and installation needed to target the multiple venue areas that had the most foot traffic and evolve from static signage to intuitive, engaging signage to display all communications and mapping for the multiple venues.

The challenge was taken on dually by the OpenText and SmartSource teams; consisted of an Event Project Manager, Digital Signage Project Manager, and Solution Sales Executive. What began as a ‘simple’ static wayfinder displaying venue maps, turned into a two-month collaboration that evolved into a more intuitive engagement tool attendees could utilize.

While the client and their colleagues were ecstatic with the signage, it was the attendees who would have the final say on how great a tool the signage was. To capture the engagement level, a backend reporting tool was developed to record the amount of interaction with each unit.

The results were overwhelming. It was more than the OpenText expected, especially when it came to general communications and the wayfinding, the original reason for the digital signage.

Overall, the signage for the event has opened further opportunities for providing signage solutions for OpenText. They were extremely pleased with what SmartSource accomplished for the event based on positive feedback from attendees as to how the signage helped them navigate the conference and easily find communications.