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Software Makes It Easier to Market And Monetize Exhibitor-Sponsored Sessions

September 27, 2018

CadmiumCD is an event software company with more than 15 years of experience providing technology solutions to meeting and exhibition professionals. The myCadmium platform makes it easy to collect, manage and share content to all event stakeholders. The eventScribe website allows meeting organizers to display content from their conferences or trade shows so attendees can search the schedule, create a plan, and add personal items.

The Association for Professionals in Infections Control and Epidemiology (APIC) has been offering exhibitor-sponsored sessions called Sponsored Symposia for 20 years. Sponsorship Boost, a firm specializing in non-dues revenue to associations, worked with APIC to bring their exhibitor-sponsored education online using the Conference Harvester and eventScribe Website.

Due to credentialing restrictions, Sponsored Symposia sessions have to be listed separately from APIC’s CME-approved sessions. Previously APIC listed these sessions in a separate printed program, but marketing potential was limited in this format. To address the requirements, Sponsorship Boost set up two “Harvesters” for APIC: one for CME-approved sessions and a second for Sponsored Symposia.

The separation of the session types within Conference Harvester allowed APIC to collect the information it needed from presenting exhibitors and distribute it to attendees in a streamlined way, without overlap with the CME-approved sessions. Exhibitors were given access to the Harvester portal so they could conveniently upload their materials and keep track of their deliverables.

Sponsored Symposia are essential to APIC because the association derives significant revenue from them. Also, since using eventScribe to promote the sessions, they’ve seen attendance increase, which justifies their exhibitors to invest more money in these types of sessions. Exhibitors and attendees also appreciate the way in which organizers position the sponsored sessions as valuable supplementary education.