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IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center
IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center


Standard Software Tools Deliver More Effective and Persuasive Presentations

October 18, 2018

BrightCarbon is a specialist communications agency. It helps organizations create effective presentations and eLearning using visuals, diagrams, animated sequences, and visual storytelling skills that compel an audience to pay attention and follow through with suggested actions. It creates presentations for everything sales meetings, conferences, training rooms, and webinars using standard software tools. BrightCarbon also runs training programs for presenters, storytellers, and slide creators.

The UK-based firm (the company also has offices in the US) helps people create more effective presentations by understanding the psychology of how individuals take on, process, and remember information, and applying those principles to presentations and eLearning that actively engages the audience. The techniques BrightCarbon employs can be applied to traditional, in-person presentations or online sessions, and work across many different types of presentation objectives.

BrightCarbon typically helps clients communicate messages more clearly using Microsoft PowerPoint, but increasingly develops presentations for Apple Keynote and Google Slides. Occasionally, it will also design using Prezi software. Its presentations have been used in conferences with audiences from 100 to 5,000 people.