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SuperZoo Super Sizes Their Revenue Potential

October 31, 2019

Personify, based in Columbia, MD, for over 20 years, has served as the technology foundation that empowers organizations to engage their constituents better, maximize revenue and optimize operations. They serve a diverse base of organizations, including nonprofits and clubs who are just getting started to some of the largest associations, charities, YMCAs, JCCs, show organizers, and everything in between.

When the World Pet Association (WPA) was seeking a grow their revenue potential, they turned to Personify for recommendations. WPA had already been collaborating with Personify for five years, beginning first with their basic services and year-over-year adding more online functionality to assist in managing four of their annual events. Each service they added returned gains in resource and time savings.

To achieve its goal of creating a new revenue stream with limited resources, WPA joined the Personify Revenue Accelerator Partnership Program (RAPP.) This program offers digital promotion packages to exhibitors to enhance their visibility and increase leads. The online ordering and fulfillment of packages are supported by Personify, allowing WPA to focus on their booth sales and sponsorships.

In 2017 and 2018 WPA offered digital promotion packages, separate from their booth sales, and revenues were modest. For their 2019 events, WPA elected to add Personify’s online booth contract feature. The feature enabled exhibitors to purchase their booth space and digital packages all in one place. With the addition of online booth contracting, WPA achieved their desired goal with sales of digital packages increasing by 255 percent for SuperZoo 2019.