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Swapcard Gives Exclusive Insight Into Virtual Events

November 20, 2020

Based in Paris, France, Swapcard is an event matchmaking platform powered by artificial intelligence. Swapcard’s platform released new virtual features that were created in a matter of weeks by the team in order to keep up with the industry’s transition to virtual. These features included AI-powered matchmaking solutions, video calling features, attendee and exhibitor networking, live streaming, live discussion, polls and Q&A during sessions, and much more.

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic that brought the world and the events industry to a standstill in early 2020, three clients of Swapcard decided to create a 100% virtual event using their platform.

One client who ran a travel conference had significant networking numbers! 79,327 meetings were held between the 4,376 attendees and 893 exhibitors.

An energy event in Singapore had 95% of their live audience watch two or more sessions live, and were interacting in the discussion and Q&A during sessions. This showed that the event’s focus on delivering great content drew a considerably engaged crowd. This same event had a high rate of attendee networking, where the average video call time was 33:32 minutes. This stat shows that valuable conversations were had and most likely led to business partnerships, and it also shows that video calls are an effective way to make people feel closer to one another, even when miles apart.

A client based in the Middle East has multiple events on Swapcard because they have created a year-round community on the platform that is open for networking and content consumption 365 days a year. For this community of over 2.500 attendees, the data showed that the most visited page (second only to the program page on new content updates) is the virtual networking lounge. Within the community, there were more meetings scheduled than there were attendees and the average video call duration was 26:16 minutes.

SOAHR, a reputable HR event, went 100% virtual for SOAHR 2020: Unleash the Future. The most popular attendee made 441 new contacts and got to download that list of leads to further cultivate them. For an event with just over 1,000 attendees, 17,000 messages were exchanged and over 5,000 new contacts were made. The community utilized all of the Swapcard’s networking features, which include video calls based on artificial intelligence recommendations.

Other shows that have seen noteworthy attendee engagement using the Swapcard platform include:

  • Black Hat, the U.S.’s top cybersecurity conference with 35,597 discussions were had between the 16,000 attendees.
  • People Matters TechHR’s 10,000 active attendees had 33,543 discussions and reached 20,000 in social media interactions before, during and after the event.