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The Benefits of Storytelling with Event Data

October 31, 2019

Streampoint Solutions, based in Toronto, ON is an insightful, customizable and resourceful event management solutions company with a service lineup that includes online registration, onsite registration, integration solutions, badge production, eMarketing, housing and travel capabilities, lead retrieval, and more.

Today’s organizers and event marketers are inundated with data from so many different sources of event technology. Trying to manage all this data in the various forms provided is a challenge due to lack of resources, training, and understanding of what data to work with and how to tie it to objectional usable data.

By sourcing the data via Streampoint Solutions’ API and integrations, they use Business Intelligence (BI) tools within their platform to help tell a better story for the organizers. They begin by looking at the business function of the organizer and the desired result for the attendee. Based on these insights, Streampoint Solutions delivers custom dashboards, with real-time metrics, to enable both the event and marketing teams to be more in touch with their event with their data.

With the implementation of BI tools, organizers have a clear and smart view on trends year over year. The data also assists the organizer to enhance the exhibitor and attendee future experience by sharing past data and understanding what to focus on the present. Additional benefits are data to help in developing new sponsorship and revenue opportunities and determining the best case for marketing use and spend savings on marketing efforts that were not so successful.