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Touchless Ticketing & Registration

May 4, 2020

Given the importance of registration, lead generation and database building at exhibitions and events, how can show organizers provide a touch-less solution that doesn’t create viral hot-spots where information is recorded and exchanged?

Australia-based company, EventsPass provides a technology platform that enables all aspects of ticketing, registration and lead-generation to be undertaken without the need for attendees, vendors or event management staff to ever make physical contact with each other, or high-risk items such as registration points, scanners, touchscreens or business cards.

The platform allows attendees to register and receive their ticket entirely online by creating codes that are readable from a phone screen or paper printed-at-home. This solution is viable once trade shows open post COVID-19 because there’s minimal contact between attendees, exhibitors and show staff.

However, for events where tickets are sold on-site, registration is required onsite or badges need to be printed, a different solution is required.

With the EventsPass platform and hardware, attendees are able to scan their print-at-home codes or digital codes at a digital registration kiosk to print their badge, which they then tear-off themselves and attach their own lanyards minimizing the risk of infection transfer.

This badge, digital or physical ticket, can then be used for all aspects of the event – access to the show, access to sessions, merchandise collection, exhibitor lead generation, and even collection of digital brochures etc. Exhibitors need not have to risk the physical contact of the collection and data entry of business cards. Attendees do not need to touch pens and pads for entering exhibitor drawings, and neither need touch physical brochures because the EventsPass system delivers all of the above completely touch-less.

Exhibitors can download the EventsPass app to their own devices and scan the codes to capture attendee information instantly. Brochures can be automatically emailed upon scanning, and attendees can even scan their own codes at iPads to enter drawings without the need to physically touch objects.

EventsPass went into action at the So Northwest Women’s Show, a consumer show that attracts approximately 8,000 attendees and 240 vendors over two days. EventsPass was able to deliver 2.5 times the attendee data captured compared to previous events with comparable hardware and incentives and was able to deliver an average of 74 leads per participating exhibitor. EventsPass captured more than three times as many registrations at the show. Because of these results, the show extended EventsPass’ contract for two more years.