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IAEE Tech Guide


Tracking and Sponsorship Reports to Improve Overall Sponsor Value

October 31, 2019

The Indoor Lab, based in Dana Point, CA, provides comprehensive end-to-end analytics for indoor event locations using proprietary platforms and hardware. Their founders have 20+ years of combined experience designing, developing and deploying real-time location services and analytics platforms for some of the most heavily trafficked airports and largest retailers in the U.S.

Sponsors are traditionally provided general insights into key locations where there is traffic without getting valuable detail on real-visit behavior that could benefit their brand.

In 2018 IAEE sought to understand the traffic in key areas at their 2018 Expo! Expo! event

By placing proprietary Bluetooth sensors in key locations, along with beacons on badges, the Indoor Lab was able to provide accurate metrics for the determined locations throughout the convention center.

For the show Tech Lab area, the following results were recorded.

  • Total Visits: 15,246 (an attendee that was engaged for more than 2:30 seconds in a zone)
  • Peak Hour: 1 pm (the peak hour with the specified zone over the course of the hours tracked)
  • Average Dwell: 2:44 (the average dwell of visitors over the course of hours tracked for the show)
  •  >10Min: 1.14 percent (the percent of the visiting audience that spends more than 10 minutes in the zone)

These metrics provide IAEE with valuable proof and data points as they endeavor to secure sponsors for future events.