As a consistently top-tier rated venue, the OCCC is dedicated to creating Transformational Experiences.As a consistently top-tier rated venue, the OCCC is dedicated to creating Transformational Experiences.As a consistently top-tier rated venue, the OCCC is dedicated to creating Transformational Experiences.
IAEE Tech Guide
IAEE Tech Guide


Using the Power of AI to Engage Virtual Audience

August 27, 2020

With many events shifting to an all-virtual format in 2020 due to COVID-19, VentureBeat sought a way to grow their global audience and maximize their revenue potential. VentureBeat presented the AI event of the year, Transform 2020, to viewers around the world using New York based company, AnyClip’s AI-powered Luminous Watch video hub technology as the cornerstone of a holistic event distribution strategy.

AnyClip’s Luminous Watch for Events is a video-on-demand platform that uses patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tools and automation to help event hosts engage and grow audiences while maximizing the value of their content. And, as opposed to platforms that begin and end with an event’s livestream, AnyClip’s technology enables hosts to provide engaging experiences before, during and after the event on their own domains.

Using patented AI at its core, Luminous Watch’s automated back-end platform ingests content from any source and analyzes, tags and organizes it into a browsable, searchable video hub with an interface similar to that of popular VOD platforms. Hosts can then build channels and playlists, power interactive features, enable advanced search capabilities and line up dynamic content recommendations that keep audiences tuned in.

By deploying a hybrid video strategy using AnyClip’s suite of Luminous Video Platform solutions, which included a three-day live stream, a dedicated video hub aggregating all conference video content, and event content distribution through an editorial recommendation player in the days following the event, VentureBeat was able to effectively distribute and monetize their event content yielding the following results:

  • Increased audience 24X when compared to VentureBeat’s most recent virtual event execution (GamesBeat in April 2020)
  • Within five days of the event, content plays more than doubled live/same day hub streaming activity, effectively growing a long-tail following for Transform 2020 content
  •  Heightened reach and ROI for the event’s four presenting sponsors

Through a holistic distribution strategy enhanced by AnyClip’s audience engagement features, which included a data-powered video search tool, Xray overlay links promoting the sponsor’s brands and talent, and monetization of all video content plays with pre-roll, VentureBeat made their event content easier for viewers to discover and engage with, effectively raising appeal and ROI for sponsors.

With the ability to understand and track performance, VentureBeat can better understand which brands, hosts, keywords, and other criteria drive the strongest engagements with viewers. That information can be used to market existing content across their digital ecosystem and serve as the foundation for future events.