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Video Surveillance Services Can Augment Human Services and Save Show Costs

October 31, 2019

Mobile Video Guard, based in Lanham, MD, provides Remote Video Security Surveillance. Their “Trade Show Video Guard” protects all of your valuable equipment and supplies in trade show and exhibit booths with portable, easy to set up systems that can help prevent theft and vandalism, provide real-time monitoring of critical areas, provide clear proof of an incident or accident and provide visual evidence of a crime for police investigations.

Show and exhibit hall security is traditionally managed using large numbers of unarmed security guards covering a variety of posts throughout the show venue. More and more individual exhibitors are requesting an overnight security guard to sit in their booth to protect their valuables. This can become a challenge for security guard firms who can find hiring in a tight job market difficult. Additionally, there are many posts/positions that don’t necessarily require a live person stationed all night, e.g. back of the house areas like the NOC or other high-end equipment heavy area.

Mobile Video Guard set out to design a solution that would be more cost-efficient for the organizer and/or the exhibitor vs. hiring a security guard for a post. A bonus was to provide ways for the organizer to generate revenue through a revenue-sharing model.

The Trade Show Video Guard comes in two variations. The original, tripod model, is easily shipped to the end-user (organizer or exhibitor) and sets up in under five minutes. The newest version is a larger 8′ high pop up that has a footprint of about 2’x 2′. This model blends in much more with the ability to have the organizer’s or exhibitor’s artwork printed on its sides.

Once either of the units is set up and plugged in, the system is programmed to send our live monitored operations center alerts between 5 pm and 8 am (non-show hours). The surveillance agents review the clips that come in from the units and when they see something suspicious or a person in an area where nobody should be, they immediately contact the shows security staff and any other points of contact on the list. The monitors also have the ability to play a warning message, letting intruders know that the area is currently closed. Additionally, as an added benefit, the units are programmed to take snapshots of the camera views allowing us to compile a time-lapse video of the entire show experience for the customer.

Although the company has only recently launched this service, the feedback from shows that used it has been very positive. On average the original tripod version saves about 20 percent off of the cost of a guard for the same coverage time overnight. The security firms specializing in guard services for trade shows have been very receptive and we are currently setting up partnerships with many of them.

A bonus for the event marketing team is a time-lapse video of the show that can be use in future marketing.

In development are features that will enable line crossing counting and heat mapping. These will allow an exhibitor to know how many prospects came into their booth space on each day and just as importantly, what areas of the booth or which salespeople had the most interactions.