IAEE Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Impact Award

这 IAEE Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Impact Award recognizes an IAEE member company or an IAEE member representative for outstanding contributions, actions and/or commitment to people of different backgrounds, races, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, ability and religion.

Considerations for this award include demonstrated initiatives and commitment to participating in, or enacting change within their organizations and the shows they produce as well as contributions to charitable organizations representing underserved communities and special recognitions received.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • 被提名人必须是 IAEE 的活跃成员或目前受雇于 IAEE 信誉良好的成员公司。
  • Organization has a DE&I statement.
  • Demonstrates an ongoing commitment to creating an inclusive environment at their events.
  • Extraordinary activities promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in their events.
  • 未附证明文件的提名将不具备审议资格。

Examples of Qualifying Data:

  • Structures, policies and procedures demonstrating a commitment to creating an inclusive environment within their work teams and their events.
  • Work with suppliers who are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Initiatives to help attendees and exhibitors feel a sense of belonging and value for their participation.
  • Testimonials from attendees and exhibitors on what is being said about their event/brand.
  • Year-over-year demographic attendance and speaker data/efforts to feature diverse speakers at events.
  • Examples of event marketing campaigns using diverse and inclusive images.


  • 致力于参与或推动强调全年应对国内和/或全球问题的社会责任活动。
  • 参与满足展览和活动行业以外需求的社区活动。
  • 对慈善组织做出突出贡献并获得特别认可。
  • 被提名者对 IAEE 的总体参与程度/贡献程度。

The 2023 Call for Nominations is closed. Details for 2024 coming soon!

Past recipients of the IAEE Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Impact Award: