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READY, SET, GROW! Top 5 IAEE Career Development Opportunities in May

Spring has sprung at IAEE with an abundance of professional growth perfectly ripe for picking! Here’s a list of the webinars happening this month that will get your career flourishing and on track to sizzling by Summer.

Bring your sales and leadership skills to full bloom with these IAEE webinars featuring industry experts who will teach you the ins and outs of the most effective strategies getting results in today’s challenging business environment.

How Exhibition Logistics are Being Impacted by the Global Supply Chain Crisis: What You Need to Know!

3 May 2023

With the global supply chain crisis still affecting logistics around the world, international and North American exhibitors participating in exhibitions abroad face daunting questions such as: How do we get our exhibit material to show site? Will it arrive on time? How much will it cost? Are these costs a reason not to exhibit?

Exhibitors weigh these and various other considerations – many of which are out of their control – when deciding whether to participate in an international exhibition, which means they should also be top of mind for show organizers.

Join international logistics experts Jackie Russo, Principal of Global Expositions, Inc. and Tom Gilmore, Vice President of Cargo Operations, IMTS Show for this informative session on all things relevant to the global supply chain process and how logistics are being impacted around the world.

Prepare to:

  • Understand international air and sea freight challenges affecting exhibitions.
  • Identify proactive solutions your organizations may undertake to help exhibitors mitigate costs.
  • Formulate programs within your show to make exhibiting in your show a turnkey opportunity.

This webinar is free to IAEE members and available to non-members for $49. This session/course/webinar is eligible for 1 clock hour towards CEM recertification. Get more information and register here.

NEW! IAEE Specialty Webinar Series: Sales Strategies & Solutions

Our post-pandemic business world keeps changing and evolving, moving our clients and their buying needs right along with it. Things you did before the pandemic may no longer yield the results they once did. With expectations for success increasing among salespeople everywhere, it’s a great time for sales “strength and conditioning!”

We’ve teamed with sales, leadership and performance expert Gary Hernbroth of Training for Winners to help you examine the changing dynamics of the buyers that impact your business, sales efforts and biggest challenges you must overcome to produce results. This three-part series identifies the necessary fundamentals, creativity and mandatory components for successful selling habits.

These sessions provide coaching to enhance your sales knowledge, strengthen your negotiation skills and craft your approach for overall success.

PART 1Working Your Sales Funnel: Sales Prospecting and Follow Up

10 May 2023

Prepare to:

  • Understand your Sales Funnel and how important it is to your success.
  • Understand where your best business resides, i.e., “fish where the fish are.”
  • Recognize leads with the most potential and gain key prospecting tips to get the process moving.

PART 2Selling Smart Against Your Competition: Sales Negotiation Solutions That Work

17 May 2023

Prepare to:

  • Learn the importance of Alliance Partners and bringing resources together in the sales process.
  • Look at the sales process from the customers’ eyes: How do they see it? What do they want/need/expect? WIIFM? What are their pet peeves? What could derail the sale?
  • Differentiate between Consultative Selling vs. Commodity Selling – the lost art of being a trusted advisor rather than an order-taker.
  • Build your listening skills, ask the right questions and overcome objections.

PART 3Bringing It All Together: Helping Your Customers to Say “Yes”

24 May 2023

Prepare to:

  • Optimize your product or service vs. your competition and understanding “Gap Selling.”
  • Position your prospects for negotiation so that both sides “win.”
  • Find the best use for technology such as CRM systems, Vidyard, Greencube and LinkedIn.

These courses are offered as individual webinars (IAEE Members $35 | Non-Members $55) or you can purchase the full series at a discounted rate (IAEE Members $99 | Non-Members $149). These sessions/courses/webinars are eligible for 1 clock hour each towards CEM recertification. For the full series you will receive 3 CE clock hours once the series is attended and completed in full. Get more information and register here.

Navigating the New Normal: Preparing Your Leaders and Managers for the Workplace of Tomorrow

24 May 2023

The new normal is already here, and it requires a totally new mindset. Is your organization ready? Are your leaders and managers ready?

We all know talent is hard to find. Compensation is on the rise. The Great Resignation, Silent Quitting and Bare Minimum Mondays are continuing unabated, along with all those “catchy” phrases that continue to trend. Why is this happening, what does it mean, and what should organizations do about it?

Join Claudia St. John, President of Affinity HR Group, to discuss the root causes behind these trends and how leaders, managers and supervisors can prepare for the workplace of tomorrow.

 Prepare to:

  • Gain clarity on the root causes of the current labor market challenges.
  • Hear insights on what the workers of today and tomorrow want from their jobs and employers.
  • Gather ideas and solutions on how to train managers and supervisors to keep employees engaged and productive.

This webinar is free to IAEE members and available to non-members for $49. This session/course/webinar is eligible for 1 clock hour towards CEM recertification. Get more information and register here.

Psssst!!!! Did you notice the IAEE member discounts? That’s just one of bunches of benefits that comes with your IAEE membership. Get the full story here.

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