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IAEE Community Engagement and Belonging Committee Member Derek Lotfi shares his views on how creating a welcoming and engaging environment for all members of the industry goes a long way in attracting new talent.

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IAEE Chairperson Marie Browne stresses the importance of participating in industry advocacy throughout the year.
CEIR VP of Research Nancy Drapeau examines the latest industry forecast published in the 2024 CEIR Index Report and discussed in CEIR’s recent webinar with Tourism Economics President Adam Sacks.
After nearly 30 years of involvement with IAEE, Southeastern Chapter Chair Yalonde Tanner is a beloved member of the industry whose commitment has made a profound impact on her chapter. In this interview, the Chapter Merit Award winner shares what inspires her to bolster her chapter’s success year after year.
Today’s most successful leaders are incorporating a deeper level of self-awareness that helps them stand above the crowd, which participants will gain at this year’s IAEE Leadership Institute. Read on to learn about these skills and how you can apply them to your leadership journey.
Oxford Economics examines the sobering outlook for environmental concerns and their ramifications on business processes, including those that may not be as obvious yet will be significantly impactful.
Local chapters deliver the power of IAEE membership to your doorstep! And because you are not limited to participating in just your local chapter’s activities, the possibilities to expand your education and networking are limitless!
Lauren Miller consistently shows that she is in it to win it by stepping up to the plate in her job role, contributing to her local chapter’s success and frequently lending a hand to fellow YPs in their own pursuits. In this interview, learn how the Young Professional of the Year Award winner applies her passion for the industry to leading by example.
IAEE preferred partner Risk Strategies explains the importance of preparing for the unexpected and provides a playbook you can use to formulate your crisis plan.
Explore the technologies revolutionizing the B2B exhibitions industry and learn how show organizers are applying them to enhance attendee experiences as well as maximizing exhibitor and sponsor ROI.
IAEE Chairperson Marie Browne discusses the increased awareness among the industry for creating more sustainable exhibitions and events, and why it matters.
IAEE Community Engagement and Belonging Committee Member Kara Dao is passionate about helping the show organizer community maximize how they bring buyers and sellers together, as well as fostering deeper connections among all members of the industry.
Ryan Lovell demonstrates his love for the industry by generously sharing his time, knowledge and expertise on both the local and national levels. In this interview, the IAEE Volunteer of the Year Award winner shares his outlook on why paying it forward can be so beneficial.

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