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Expo! Expo! Speaker Spotlight on Kara Dao, CEM, DES

Kara Dao discusses the takeaways attendees will gain at the session she will be presenting during Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2023 on 5-7 December in Dallas, Texas.

By Mary Tucker, IAEE Senior Communications and Content Manager

Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2023 features a three-day educational journey covering seven diverse content tracks, including this interactive session led by Kara Dao, CEM, DES. Assemble Exceptional Teams: Matching the Right Individuals to the Right Roles will explore the strategies used by companies that consistently impress us with their exceptional team members.

These individuals not only excel in their work but also exude a genuine passion for what they do. As we observe these rock stars within the company, we can’t help but wonder: How do they discover such remarkable individuals? Each team member brings a unique set of skills, and yet they seamlessly collaborate, fostering a diverse and independent environment. Kara will uncover the secrets behind talent acquisition and maintenance strategies.

Attendees will be a part of an interactive and workshop-style learning experience where they will engage in solo and team exercises throughout the session. As a result, participants will take away a checklist and templates they can deploy immediately at their organizations.

Here, Kara shares a preview of how participants will benefit from the information presented at Assemble Exceptional Teams: Matching the Right Individuals to the Right Roles.

In this session, participants will gain sourcing strategies for acquiring the necessary skills and techniques for identifying the right fit for their team. How do organizations and incoming team members benefit from this process?

Kara: By implementing effective sourcing strategies, businesses can streamline their candidate selection process, reducing the time required to identify the ideal candidates. As a result, these selected candidates can swiftly integrate into the current team, seamlessly becoming part of the existing workforce. This quick integration not only benefits the newcomers but also provides immediate support and collaboration to the current team members, thereby catalyzing the overall growth and productivity of the company.

You will also explore the importance of diverse sourcing and its impact. How do these techniques help distill the applicant pool?

Kara: Establishing specific diversity criteria for applicant selection serves as a strategic tool to efficiently manage the interview process, ultimately yielding a more meaningful and diverse candidate pool. This approach allows organizations to focus their resources and attention on candidates who align with their corporate goals, making the interview process more purposeful and productive.

In addition, you will teach participants to implement successful interviewing processes for selecting top talent while building and maintaining a robust pipeline of recruits. What drove the development of these processes?

Kara: When you expedite the interview process by optimizing your candidate selection, you can access top-tier talent more swiftly. This accelerated hiring timeline, in turn, has a direct impact on the pace of your business operations and your capacity to take on more opportunities. In a fast-paced business environment, the ability to hire quickly translates into a competitive advantage. It means you can promptly respond to market demands, capitalize on emerging trends, and expand your operations to capture more business opportunities. Essentially, the swifter your hiring process, the more agile your company becomes, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and seize a greater share of the market.

What fuels your passion for this subject, and why is this information so relevant in today’s business environment?

Kara: I’m passionate about blending my love for people and business. The matchmaking of people to roles accelerates business growth and deepens relationships. Diversifying talent enriches our team, and my greatest joy is finding the right candidate and watching them thrive in their role. In essence, I thrive on connecting people and business, enhancing dynamics, and fostering meaningful relationships, all while enriching our team through diverse talent.

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