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Expo! Expo! Speaker Spotlight on Gary Hernbroth

Gary Hernbroth discusses the takeaways attendees will gain at the session he will be presenting during Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2023 on 5-7 December in Dallas, Texas.

By Mary Tucker, IAEE Senior Communications and Content Manager

Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2023 features a three-day educational journey covering seven diverse content tracks, including this eye-opening session led by Gary Hernbroth titled Developing Teams for Retention and Success in which he will equip participants with essential skills and strategies for building and nurturing high-performing teams that foster employee retention and overall success.

During this session, participants will explore various aspects of team development, including effective communication, leadership styles, conflict resolution and motivation techniques. Through engaging activities and discussions, attendees will gain insights into creating a positive team culture that promotes individual growth, collaboration and long-term commitment to the organization.

Here, Gary shares a preview of how participants will benefit from the information presented at Developing Teams for Retention and Success.

In this session, attendees will understand the importance of team development in enhancing employee retention and organizational success. What makes this understanding so significant?

Gary: I think anyone who has ever been part of a team knows that no two teams are exactly alike. They may be teams within the same organization, even the same department or on the same floor – but because of their team members, they are all a bit different. Those differences include the goals, resources, leadership, engagement level, understanding, communication, listening, comprehension, time/priority management and certainly skills/experience levels. All of this means that one leadership style does not work for all; it isn’t a simple coat of paint.

You will explain how to cultivate a positive team culture that encourages collaboration, continuous learning and a sense of belonging. What advantage does a positive team culture give teams?

Gary: It can be a huge advantage over their competition. But it isn’t always as it seems, in that you can’t always take votes on everything and think, “Oh, we’re collaborative.” That doesn’t work. That can lead to poor decisions based on group-think. People still crave leaders to show decision-making skills. There has to be a type of day in and day out “atmosphere” that includes a keen sense of camaraderie, the spirit of wanting to work together, to succeed for the greater good, and forming critical Alliance Partnerships that help in the heavy lifting to accomplish the goals.

You will also teach how to develop an actionable plan to improve their team’s dynamics, employee satisfaction, and overall performance. What feedback have you received from team leaders who take this step with their teams?

Gary: Great question, and it’s all over the map. A lot of it rides on how the leader presents it and how much TRUST there is in the business unit or team. The more trust there is, the more people will want to work together. A team leader’s plan has to contain an element of trust. I’ve also seen managers throw a literal “stink bomb” in a room and force their team to figure out how to fix it, how to work together. Almost like an escape room at work, sink or swim. Sure, it can backfire for some, while others enjoy the entrepreneurship of it all. But no matter what your ultimate end game is, you’ve got to have an actionable plan. Key parts of that include who, what when, where, how, how much. And the best plans build in accountability. We’ll cover those elements so people can craft their own plan from their notes. Even if it’s a mini-plan, it’s a plan.

What fuels your passion for this subject, and why is this information so relevant in today’s business environment?

Gary: It’s such a great topic! It’s all around us, and I’m constantly driven to help others get squared away on a path to greater success – whether they are newbies on their first assignment leading others, or seasoned veterans who think they know it all. That’s dangerous thinking, by the way, especially when dealing with the human element – people can surprise us, good and bad. Leadership has evolved and will continue to evolve. And anytime you have evolution of some kind, it can cause a lot of high blood pressure and challenges. I love helping people figure out that gigantic Rubik’s Cube called leadership. It’s relevant because if you don’t know what goes into this or how to apply it, you and your team may not make the cut. It’s certainly not for everybody – could you imagine a world where everyone tried to lead? Nothing would get done!

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