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Advice for New IAEE Members

When you join IAEE, it can, at times, be overwhelming. We have developed targeted programs and initiatives for a wide variety of audiences. We took a step back and looked at advice given by active members within the association. Here’s what they had to say when we asked…

What advice would you give new members?

Brad Hobson, CEM | Business Development Manager | Freeman

“Be Active – Show Up – Be Social. You will get the most of your membership through your networking. These people share ideas, experiences and stresses. No one understands our industry more than those in it.”

Expo! Expo! Opening Reception
Expo! Expo! Opening Reception

Bruce Lemmon, CEM | Owner | GEM Global Events Management LLC

“If you’re in an area with a local chapter, join and attend the meetings. Also get involved on the national level.”

Check out the IAEE Chapter Events and Professional Meet-Up Event Calendar

Carol Krugman, MEd, CMP, CMM | Chair, Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Events | Metropolitan State University of Denver

“Get involved and stay involved in whatever capacity you can, at both the chapter and international levels.”

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Casey Hiner | Meeting Architect | Kinsley Meetings

“I would advise new members to seek out a few seasoned professionals and ask questions and take their advice would be the best starting point. This industry is really all about who you know.”

Chris Dolnack | Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer | National Shooting Sports Foundation

“Don’t be shy. Attend Expo! Expo!, introduce yourself to people, and participate in the activities.”

Expo! Expo! 2015 in Baltimore, MD

Erika Welling, CEM | Senior Director, Sales | NexxtShow Exposition Services

“Get involved as much as possible with national and local chapters. Participate in CEM classes offering an interactive environment garnering priceless information and exchange of new ideas from peers. Keep yourself educated on the latest information on our industry and newest trends provided by IAEE Trade Show Executive and social media.”

View the 2016 CEM Course Schedule

Jennifer Hoff, CEM | President | Taffy Event Strategies

“Attend industry events and share ideas whenever you can.”

Education Session at Expo! Expo! 2015

LeeAnn Norton, CEM | Director Vendor Relations | Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association

“Get in and get involved. Go to the networking events and if you do not feel you would be comfortable, contact IAEE and ask them for a mentor. I know what it is like to walk into an event and not know anyone – your mentor will introduce you to everyone and be there for you.”

Get information on the IAEE Mentor Match Program

Lindsey Moeller | Project Manager | Experient, A Maritz Travel Company

“This is an industry of who you know so the more people you meet, the more you will learn, and the more opportunities you will have. You may discover a part of the industry that you love that you never thought was for you. The opportunities are endless for those that put themselves out there and become a living, working part of the industry.”

Michelle Monteferrante, CEM, RPA, FMA | Regional Director, Business Planning & Event Execution | Freeman

“Network, get involved by joining a board of a committee, and then soak it all up like a sponge!”

View IAEE’s list of committees, councils, & task forces

Nina Rossi | Account Executive | Core-apps

“Start getting involved as soon as you join. Get your name out there, network and meet new people. And try to get involved in as many things as possible.”

Humanity Rocks at Expo! Expo! 2015

Ray Baum | Sales Manager | Core-apps, LLC

“Attend as many events as you can and break through your shell. This is not an industry for the introvert. Learn from your peers. Share your own experiences and absorb all you can. Read the trades, learn all facets of the industry and make yourself visible. And never be afraid to ask for help or guidance.”

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Saif Al Midfa | CEO | Expo Centre Sharjah

“My advice is for new members to join our network and enjoy the networking in this business. Also the education programmes offered are amazing.”

Expo! Expo! Opening Reception

Susan Bennett, CASE, CEM | Vice President Account Management | Experient, A Maritz Travel Company

“The clichés “You get out of it what you put into it” and “The journey is more important than the destination” are true. Be a sponge and soak it all in – there is always someone who is willing to share their knowledge and experience to help you.”

Education Session at Expo! Expo!
Education Session at Expo! Expo!

Vicki Lepore, CEM | Account Executive | SmartSource Computer and AV Rentals

“I would advise the members to take advantage of ALL the networking and education offered, both at the national and international level. Collaboration with your peers is priceless!!!”

View the IAEE Events Calendar

Wendy Holliday | Vice President, Attendee Acquisition & Experience | Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

“Get Involved! I am relatively new myself. Dave Lutz and Donna Kastner were instrumental in encouraging me to attend Expo! Expo!, volunteer for committees, and submit Expo! Expo! session applications. IAEE is very welcoming, and everyone makes it easy to contribute.”

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