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Trade Shows: How to Make a Big Impression

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Some well-known brands have found a way to literally take their message on the road and go where their customers are, using pop-up shops. If you haven’t seen a pop-up shop before, these mobile displays promote a brand. In many cases, they provide a temporary venue for shopping or services. (Check out the Marmite pop-up shop I wrote about in 2009.)

This pop-up shop from Adidas® caught my attention. The company uses its own packaging, with shoelaces creatively spilling out. It’s a fun, attractive display that leaves a lasting impression for those who visit.

Adidas Popup Shop

If your organization doesn’t have the budget to build and travel with a pop-up shop, you can get inspiration from an eye-catching display like this for your next trade show or event. The key is using a highly recognizable visuals rather than words to make a statement.

To create a pop-up experience on a smaller scale, use table and floor displays to add dimension to any booth. For example, the ContourFit Curve Floor Display’s eye-catching graphics can be seen from a distance and draw customers to your booth.

ContourFit Curve Floor Display-426095-Promotional-Products-from-4imprint

The Junior Popup Tabletop Display sits on a table or counter and can be mixed and matched with similar displays of different sizes.

Junior Popup Tabletop Display | Promotional Products from 4imprint

The flexible display space can be used to showcase a variety of powerful images. Both display options are easy to transport, set up and clean.

Or, create a pop-up shop-like experience using retractable banners, which are mobile and easy to use. The Excalibur Double Sided Retractable Banner makes a strong impression when it’s printed with big, graphic images. As a bonus, it also has a place for your sales collateral.


Because it is double-sided, it is versatile in any space.

When you choose artwork for your banner, think about what is most recognizable about your products or services. Use those images and your logo to make a lasting impact. These retractable banners come in a variety of sizes, as the Economy Retractable Banner shows, making it easy to add recognizable graphics that pop.


If your company promotion is outdoors, hang a vinyl banner on the side of a tent or a building (where permitted) to draw attention to your brand. The 4-foot by 10-foot outdoor banner can turn an ordinary booth into a display your customers can’t miss.


Whether you are planning an indoor or outdoor display, find inspiration in pop-up shops’ big, bold shapes. Apply that same idea to your booth or signage and your customers can’t help but notice.

Source: Trade Shows: How to Make a Big Impression

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