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6 Creative Client Gifts to Show Gratitude

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IAEE Preferred Partner 4imprint offers ways build trust with clients by saying “thank you” in unique and personalized ways that reinforce lasting relationships.

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Strong customer relationships matter. Research shows clients who feel like they have a strong relationship with a brand are more likely to do repeat business and refer others. And all good relationships are built on trust. Clients who trust your organization buy more frequently, stay customers longer and help drive business growth. Creative client gifts build trust, grow relationships and show appreciation to your most loyal patrons. From personalized keepsakes to exclusive experiences, these memorable thank-you gift ideas are sure to make a long-lasting impression.

image stating clients who have a strong relationship with a brand are more likely to refer others


#1 Mark milestones

Is a customer anniversary approaching? Or did you just close a big project or sale? Commemorate the milestone with a custom book that celebrates the journey. Include customer photos, team member testimonials and project success stories. Write a personal note on the inside cover, and insert a bookmark for an added touch. Present their meaningful gift over brunch, or mail it with an invitation to open their gift over a virtual cup of coffee.

#2 Get personal

Personalization is no longer a luxury. Seventy-one percent of consumers expect personalized interactions from brands. And companies that get personalization right generate 40% more revenue than those that don’t.

image stating 71 percent of consumers expect personalized interactions from brands


When selecting thank-you gifts for clients, be sure to add a personal touch. Is a long-time customer moving into a new workspace or home? Help them settle in by sending a special surprise. For a new workspace, send a package that includes a plush lumbar pillowergo mouse pad and  wireless mouse.

For their new home, choose a housewarming gift to warm them inside and out. This rustic throw blanket is downright luxurious. And a mug gift set is a classy gift that they’ll enjoy for years to come. Include ingredients for a Moscow mule mocktail plus an invitation to join your team for a celebratory toast.

#3 Celebrate achievements

Take every opportunity to celebrate achievements. Doing so not only reinforces important lessons learned throughout the journey, but it can also strengthen relationships with the team members who make those achievements happen.

image stating celebrating achievements strengthens relationships


Did you just help a client launch a new product or service line? Celebrate the accomplishment by sending a handwritten note congratulating them on their achievement. Include a set of branded flutes and a bottle of something bubbly.

Did a customer recently experience major company growth? Congratulate them by sending their entire team wireless charging stands and true wireless ear buds. They’ll appreciate the thoughtful gifts and be reminded of your sentiment every time they use them.

#4 Elevate VIP status

The top 10% of clients spend between 10 and 25 times that of an average customer. What’s more, those VIPs are responsible for 20% to 50% of company revenue.

image stating the top 10 percent of a company's customers re responsible for 20 percent to 50 percent of its revenue


Celebrate your top customers by throwing an invitation-only appreciation event. Host a dinner with entertainment, like a local musician, comedian or speaker. At each setting, place a high-end tumbler stuffed with chocolate squares. Top off the night by giving each attendee a members-only Nike® fleece pullover imprinted with a special VIP logo. What a great reminder of how important they are to your business!

#5 Brew success

In today’s digital age, relationships transcend geographical boundaries thanks to the many tools available to connect online. Arrange virtual coffee meetings with industry experts. Invite your clients to join these exclusive sessions, providing them with unique networking opportunities and insights from experts in their field. To ensure they’re ready to go, send participants a trendy bamboo coffee mug and gift card to a local coffee shop.

#6 Create a give-give situation

Express gratitude for a significant contract by donating to a charity in your client’s name. Send them a certificate holder with certificate that mentions the impact of the contribution. Include a QR code that leads them to a personalized thank-you video from your team and, if possible, the beneficiaries of the donation.

Forge business bonds

Boost loyalty, inspire more referrals and drive higher revenue by using these creative client gift ideas to show customers how thankful you are.

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