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IAEE Member Spotlight on Rachel Santagato

Read the IAEE Member Spotlight on Rachel Santagato, Event Coordinator of Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center with Spectra Venue Management and Member of the DFW Chapter!

Rachel Santagato, Event Coordinator of Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center with Spectra Venue Management

Hometown: St. Augustine, FL
University of Education: Valdosta State University – Valdosta, GA
IAEE Chapter: DFW Chapter

As a new member of IAEE what do you hope to gain from your membership?

I would like to broaden my professional network as well as gain a new perspective on the industry.

How will you utilize your IAEE membership to the fullest?

I will participate in local/online events and hopefully bring new and fresh ideas back into the workplace.

What are you most looking forward too with your new membership?

I am looking forward to meeting new event professionals like myself who share a passion for the industry. I also look forward to the educational aspect of the membership. I am excited for the new ideas and perspectives in this industry. I am looking for new ways to advance my career not only through experience but for guided educational classes, certifications and networking events. This is a great opportunity for me to be able to grow and succeed in my professional career.

What interested you the most about IAEE member benefits?

What interested me the most was the possibility to advance my career. With this membership I’m able to learn through online classes and in person events/conferences. I am able to gain new ideas and resources from seasoned professionals that I can implement back into my everyday life and career. I am excited for the opportunity to attend Expo! Expo! It has been so long since I was an attendee at a conference! I am interested to be a part of an organization and industry that I am passionate about and be able to share my passion with like-minded professionals and soon to be friends.

What is the first thing you did as a new member?

I signed up for the YP online Meet Up to learn new information about my chapter and to meet some new people that might be attending Expo! Expo!. I also registered for Expo! Expo! in December of 2021.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

I am from St. Augustine, FL (our nation’s oldest city) I grew up minutes from the beach and I also grew up riding horses. I still have 2 back home in FL who are retired. When I visit home, I love to go trail riding and soak up the sun.

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