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As a fervent advocate of continuing education, Donna Johnson has dedicated her service to helping industry professionals further their knowledge. Read on to learn how the Bob Dallmeyer Educator of the Year Award winner inspires others to engage in growing their careers.
After nearly 30 years of involvement with IAEE, Southeastern Chapter Chair Yalonde Tanner is a beloved member of the industry whose commitment has made a profound impact on her chapter. In this interview, the Chapter Merit Award winner shares what inspires her to bolster her chapter’s success year after year.
Lauren Miller consistently shows that she is in it to win it by stepping up to the plate in her job role, contributing to her local chapter’s success and frequently lending a hand to fellow YPs in their own pursuits. In this interview, learn how the Young Professional of the Year Award winner applies her passion for the industry to leading by example.
Ryan Lovell demonstrates his love for the industry by generously sharing his time, knowledge and expertise on both the local and national levels. In this interview, the IAEE Volunteer of the Year Award winner shares his outlook on why paying it forward can be so beneficial.
A proven leader, Aaron Bludworth has dedicated himself to advancing the industry’s advocacy efforts as well as serving in volunteer roles across a multitude of organizations. Learn what has inspired this Distinguished Service Award winner to lift the industry and give back to the community in so many ways.
Woman of Achievement Award Winner Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes is no stranger to striving to achieve great things. In this interview, she shares how she has triumphed in her career while helping other women do the same.
The American Academy of Neurology celebrated the 75th anniversary of its Annual Meeting by surpassing revenue and attendance goals. Learn how this Outstanding Marketing & Sales Award winner succeeded at growing its show and what it has in store for this year.
The Macao Trade and Investment and Promotion Institute (IPIM) has paved the path for industry professionals in MICE to join the more than 3,500 CEMs worldwide who have earned the premier Certified in Exhibition Management® designation. In this interview, the International Excellence Award Winner shares its vision for the future.
Members of IAEE’s Central Texas Chapter refer to Sarah Kokernot as a saving grace for stepping into her leadership role with enthusiasm and determination. Learn how this Chapter Merit Award Winner infuses new and fresh ideas to the chapter’s initiatives while earning admiration and respect from her colleagues.
Walter M.S. Yeh gives retirement a whole new meaning as he continues to help the exhibitions and events industry in Taiwan and Asia blaze new trails using the latest technology and innovation. Learn how this IAEE Pinnacle Award winner is making the most of his knowledge and experience, and what he sees as the future of the industry.
Not everyone may know that Bob Schuler is a big DIY’er at home, but it’s no secret he is a man who gets things done for IAEE and the industry! Read on to learn how he has applied his passion for the industry into beneficial initiatives for all, earning him the IAEE Distinguished Service Award.
The Sales and Marketing Team for RX’s JCK show met the challenges of the pandemic head on, achieving record-breaking performance in attendance and exhibit space revenue when most shows struggled to regain their footing. Get inspired by the award-winning strategies they employed.
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