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IAEE Member Spotlight on Ginger Johnson

Read the IAEE Member Spotlight on Ginger Johnson, Founder of Ginger Johnson LLC and Member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter!

Ginger Johnson, Founder of Ginger Johnson LLC

Hometown: St. Anthony Village, MN
University of Education: Concordia College, Moorhead, MN
IAEE Chapter: Rocky Mountain Chapter

As a new member of IAEE what do you hope to gain from your membership?

I have fallen in love with this community, I’m keen to give and gain. Create and build meaningful connections, providing and giving support & doing good work with other members.

What are you most looking forward too with your new membership?

Quality connections with members around this spinning planet of ours. The great thing; all members are quality! Simultaneously, giving to the community I’ve grown to know and get to know better all the time.

What interested you the most about IAEE member benefits?

Curious for the inside perspective of membership. Having previously been hired to work with IAEE (speaking), it’s really helpful and enlightening to get to be behind the curtain, so to speak – to have the invite and opportunity to really learn, observe, listen and serve.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

I’ve sang national anthems at hockey games – American and Canadian!

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