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Trending Giveaways to Wow Even the Most Seasoned Trade Show Attendees

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IAEE Preferred Partner 4imprint outlines the most popular giveaways resonating with attendees and how exhibitors can use them to draw visitors to their booth.

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Trade shows are back! And with them comes an array of opportunities to capture the attention of customers and prospects. The average trade show visitor spends more than eight hours checking out booths. And 90% of them are looking for new products and services. Chances are these valuable visitors have seen and heard it all when it comes to exhibits and pitches. Stand out from the crowd and catch their eye by offering one or more of these cool trending giveaways for 2023.

Top trade show giveaways for 2023

  1. Virtual reality headsets
  2. Giveaways made of eco-friendly materials
  3. Temperature therapy items
  4. Sleep wellness products
  5. Trendy colorful promotional products

Spend some time in a virtual reality

With many brands already working to provide premium customer experiences in the metaverse, it’s no secret that virtual reality is a growing frontier for companies to expand their reach. This year’s top giveaways include headsets that make it easier to experience virtual reality. The Cobra Virtual Reality Viewer allows users to conveniently explore VR images and apps using their phones. The foldable design makes packing it into a trade show tote bag or backpack simple. A pair of Collapsible Virtual Reality Glasses is another top trending giveaway. The soft, flexible silicone construction and secure clip for the user’s smartphone make checking out VR videos in a crowded convention space a breeze.

Use these virtual reality viewers for realistic product demonstrations, plant tours and more. Then, send participants home with their own of viewers to thank them for their time.

Make better choices with more eco-friendly materials

Another important trend for 2023 is the continued focus on more eco-friendly and sustainable practices. According to Forbes®90% of consumers age 50 and younger are willing to spend more for products that are better for the environment.

Some of the best giveaways for trade shows are reusable items that help reduce waste. The Murphy Drawstring Sportpack is made from a blend of a recycled cotton and polyester. It is a practical giveaway that can be used on the convention center floor and beyond. Hand these, along with an invitation to visit your booth, to everyone who walks through the door.

Once they’re at your booth, give prospects a convenient spot to jot down notes with the Repreve Refillable Notebook. The covers are 80% Repreve® recycled polyester, and it can be refilled and used again and again. Add a reusable water bottle for a set of gifts any attendee is sure to appreciate.

Stay hot or cold with temperature therapy items

A growing trend for health and fitness is temperature therapy, which focuses on intentional cooling or warming to relax muscles, increase energy, boost the immune system and help fight disease.

Top trade show giveaways looking to promote health and wellness can focus on this “hot” trend with items that can be cooled or warmed.

Round Aqua Pearls Hot/Cold Packs are a practical giveaway for athletes, patients or anyone who experiences tired, aching muscles at the end of a long day (which is probably just about everyone after a full day on the trade show floor). Other options include reusable gel packs or ComfortClay Hot/Cold Packs.

An eye mask can provide relief for tired eyes, which many booth visitors may be experiencing after a long day of travel. An All-Purpose Wrap is a soothing giveaway just about anyone can use. Hand out to attendees who sign up for a product demo or agree to meet post-show.

Keep a natural rhythm with sleep wellness products

Another popular way consumers show self-care is by recognizing the importance of sleep. The trend to equip ourselves and our homes with products that help protect natural circadian rhythms and improve sleep is a great way to impress attendees. Your brand can help promote sleep wellness with top giveaways they’ll use while on the road and for years to come.

Classic Blue Light Blocking Glasses – also available in trendy round and wood grain styles – help block disruptive blue light from electronic devices, giving prospects’ eyes a break and making it easier to fall asleep at night. Give these out in exchange for contact information or for signing up for your company’s newsletter.

plush blanketsleep mask and Color Changing LED Alarm Clock can make falling asleep and waking up a more soothing experience. These items have the makings for a great gift basket that can be used as a grand raffle prize at the end of the day.

A salute to giveaways with Viva Magenta

Some of the best giveaways for trade shows are inspired by color trends, like Pantone’s® Color of the Year, Viva Magenta. Knock their socks off by incorporating this bold, powerful color in your giveaways.

Give everyone who stops to talk a magenta Pocket Can Holder, along with a cold soft drink or sparkling water. A heathered magenta T-shirt can be a great giveaway to get people talking about – and showing off – your brand. Let recipients know that if they’re caught wearing it on the trade show floor, they’ll be entered into a prize drawing for a product discount or gift card. If you send visitors on their way with product samples or literature, pack it in a useful, magenta-colored Drawstring Sportpack – perfect for carrying all their trade show takeaways no matter where they got them!

Give the unexpected with trending giveaways for trade shows

With top trending giveaways for 2023, from gifts that make the virtual world a reality to items boasting the top color of the year, your booth is sure to catch the eye of first-time attendees and seasoned trade show veterans alike.

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