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IAEE Member Spotlight on Jennifer Gallatin

Read the IAEE Member Spotlight on Jennifer Gallatin, International Marketing Manager, and Member of the Midwestern Chapter!

Jennifer Gallatin, International Marketing Manager, Association of Equipment Manufacturers

Ciudad natal: Greenfield, WI
Universidad de Educación: Carroll University
¿Cuánto tiempo lleva siendo miembro de la IAEE? 7 años
Capítulo IAEE: Capítulo del Medio Oeste de la IAEE

¿Cómo comenzaste tu carrera en esta industria?
I started as an intern with AEM after a mock interview with our former president, and Carroll University alumni. I started working on the partnership programs for our flagship show, even got a chance to attend the event. As my internship was ending there was an open position at AEM and I’ve been hooked on the industry ever since!

¿Cómo ha influido la IAEE en su carrera?

IAEE has connected me with incredible people in the industry, offers opportunities for both education and networking. Throughout this pandemic, they have prioritized providing us opportunities to connect with our industry peers. And as a woman in the industry, I love the ways they have for us to grow both personally and professionally, from the Women’s Buzz sessions to Women’s Leadership Forum, and every event in between. Being in marketing for events, I appreciate the insights into the different aspects of the events industry and getting to collaborate with my peers.

¿Qué consejo le darías a un nuevo miembro?

Get involved early, seek out whatever materials and opportunities you can. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Get involved with your regional chapter if you are able.

Dato curioso sobre ti: ¿Qué es lo que la mayoría de la gente no sabe sobre ti?

I love to travel and have been to 24 states in the US and 12 countries, every time I travel, I collect a pin and place it on one of the 2 maps I have in my home office.

¡Qué es lo que más te gusta de Expo! ¿¡Exposición!?

¡Exposición! ¡Exposición! is a nice opportunity to be face-to-face with both industry peers and vendors (both new and existing), and to be able to take some time for professional development with the different education sessions they offer. 2021 was my first experience and I look forward to getting back again in the future!

¿Cómo utiliza la investigación CEIR y qué informes ha descargado?

CEIR has been helpful to keep a pulse on how the industry is doing, especially from an international perspective as well as throughout the pandemic. Some of the reports I’ve downloaded include the COVID-19 impact recovery surveys and the omnichannel marketing series.

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