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IAEE Member Spotlight on Debbie Rorabaugh

Read the IAEE Member Spotlight on Debbie Rorabaugh, Executive Director, of Operations CORT and member of the IAEE DC Chapter!

Debbie Rorabaugh, Executive Director, of Operations CORT

Ville natale: Wheaton, MD
Université d'éducation : York College of PA
Depuis combien de temps êtes-vous membre de l'IAEE ? 3 years
Chapitre IAEE : Chapitre DC

Comment avez-vous débuté votre carrière dans ce secteur ?

I started out on the Accounting side of the business. I was a regional controller overseeing the financials of many areas but always loved the operations side of our business. Operations was where you can make a huge difference and create wonderful customer experiences.

Comment l’IAEE a-t-il façonné votre carrière ?

IAEE has allowed me to network with so many great people in the industry and allow me to learn more about this industry more quickly than just waiting to get it all through experience. What a great industry where so many people are willing to help you learn and grow.

Quels conseils donneriez-vous à un nouveau membre ?

There is so much to learn and opportunities to grow that IAEE provides each of us. Get involved as soon as possible!

Fait amusant à votre sujet – Quelle est la chose que la plupart des gens ne savent pas sur vous ?

One fun fact about me is that I once played donkey basketball. The whole goal is to coax or pull your donkey around the court to secure the ball and then try to motivate the donkey to move towards the basket so you can shoot. So, most of your time is trying to move a stubborn animal and not much basketball.

Qu’est-ce que vous aimez le plus dans votre chapitre ?

I love the Women Group within IAEE. They bring quality programs and meetings where you can share ideas and concerns and lift other up while you are getting lifted too.

Dans quels projets de service communautaire aimez-vous vous impliquer ? Pourquoi?

We enjoy cleaning up the streams and rivers around us. We love to kayak and every time we go out, we take an extra bag and pick up any trash we find in the water.

Selon vous, quel est l’avantage #1 pour les membres de l’IAEE ?

The biggest benefit is the education. You can get various certification as well just the education you get from networking. Take advantage of it all.

Qu’est-ce que vous aimez le plus à l’Expo ! Expo !?

This is a great opportunity to gain knowledge, get motivated, and have fun. The sessions and exhibitors are always top notch and the evening events are always first class.

Comment utilisez-vous les recherches du CEIR et quels rapports avez-vous téléchargés ?

CEIR research is key to our industry. They keep us informed to the various KPIs we need to continue to service our clients and partners better. They allow us to keep adding value to our offerings and produce shows that make a difference.

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