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Expo ! Expo ! Pleins feux sur Tony Petrucci

Tony Petrucci discusses the takeaways attendees will gain at the session he will be presenting during Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2023 on 5-7 December in Dallas, Texas.

Par Mary Tucker, responsable principale des communications et du contenu de l'IAEE

Expo ! Expo ! Réunion et exposition annuelle de l'IAEE 2023 propose un voyage éducatif de trois jours couvrant sept pistes de contenu diversifiées, including this imaginative session led by Tony Petrucci titled Design Thinking Strategies of the Future in which he will lead an innovative discussion on the importance of design thinking – a transformative approach that forges bonds between brands and attendees.

Tony will highlight various methods of shaping design thinking into an existing creative process as well as the “how” and “why” applying this method can drastically improve one’s work output. Step into the realm where creativity intersects with strategy and discover the profound significance of design thinking.

Here, Tony shares a preview of how participants will benefit from the information presented at Design Thinking Strategies of the Future.

In this session, attendees will evolve how their work processes to collaborate with other teams and vendors more efficiently and creatively. How quickly can attendees expect to be able to apply these lessons to their projects?

Tony: Immediately. Applying session insights is easy, but the challenge is implementing changes, educating others and dedicating the time needed to evolve for success.

You will also provide insights on design, creative approach and experiences. What are some of the benefits gained by using design thinking?

Tony: This session will highlight the advantages of adapting a Design Thinking process model such as integrating steps that are currently overlooked or undocumented and discovering innovative techniques at each stage of the process.

You will also teach how to inject design thinking into attendees’ existing creative process. What tips can attendees expect to get from this session?

Tony: You will walk away from the session with a revitalized enthusiasm for reassessing your existing process and integrating the invaluable insights and tips to inspire your team get to its best work.

Qu'est-ce qui alimente votre passion pour ce sujet et pourquoi ces informations sont-elles si pertinentes dans l'environnement commercial actuel ?

Tony: The importance of Design Thinking is more than implementing and improving a new or existing process. It’s getting your team to adapt a new and more flexible state of mind. It’s leadership and HOW we speak about each step and take action throughout the Design Thinking process.

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