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Stories from the Expo! Expo! Show Floor: 42Chat

42Chat’s Collin Tokosch shares how partnering with IAEE and exhibiting at Expo! Expo! led to adding four new team members to keep up with the demand for its products and services.

By Mary Tucker, IAEE Sr. Communications & Content Manager

42Chat uses artificial intelligent (AI) chatbots to transform how companies extend their brands and deliver meaningful engagement for customers, prospects, employees, and partners. Founded in 2016 by Chuck Elias and Robert Caldwell, 42Chat has quickly become a technology leader in the exhibitions and events industry. It has garnered various industry awards, including the IAEE Innovative Business Solution Award in 2020.

42Chat created its chatbot, Hex, specifically for Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Hex is on call at Expo! Expo!’s website ready to provide answers to questions about the event. Here, 42Chat Senior Account Executive Collin Tokosch shares how 42Chat has benefited from partnering with IAEE and exhibiting at Expo! Expo!.

How does 42Chat’s AI chatbot work and what makes it unique?

42Chat is an AI chatbot specifically designed for associations and events. When someone has a question or wants information, they can ask our chatbot. The AI is pre-trained to deliver information 24/7 with a 95% correct response rate – all without using staff resources. It becomes part of your team and lives on your website, through two-way text messaging, and can be added to your app.

What business challenges do you intend to resolve with your chatbot?

Typically, event teams are understaffed and operating on limited budgets. With rising costs, most events are looking to reduce expenses without impacting the event experience. Our chatbot helps to reduce the load of questions on the event team so they can do more with less. It delivers a faster and easier experience to obtain event info rather than searching the website and app, or finding an expensive human resource to ask.

Event audiences have become harder to reach through all of the noise in email. Text messages have a 98% read rate with less than 2% opt out to ensure your message is heard. Opening this powerful channel can be utilized to help increase attendance and sponsorship revenue. Also, instantly communicate with all attendees in case of emergency.

What makes Expo! Expo! the ideal show for your chatbot?

A lot of our clients attend Expo! Expo!. As the event for event organizers that utilize our event chatbot, it’s the perfect market to showcase the benefits of our product and obtain real time feedback. It gives event organizers the ability to see how easy and helpful our chatbot is to their attendees.

What was the response you received from your exposure at Expo! Expo!?

Hex was well known to all attendees as the “new addition” to the Expo! Expo! Team. Attendees provided tons of positive feedback on their interactions with Hex. It helped them navigate all of the event logistics such as registration, schedule and parties. For 42Chat, it helped drive traffic to our booth and create familiarity with 42Chat.

How did you use the leads generated at Expo! Expo! and what have been the results?

We recorded over 100 unique leads from new prospects and industry friends looking to learn more about 42Chat. This has led to an increase in conversations, meetings and new clients. We’ve added four additional members to our sales team to keep up with the increased demand in 42Chat products and services.

What are your future plans for your chatbot?

Events will continue to adopt the use of AI, chatbots, and text messaging. Our technology will continue to evolve and provide solutions to the ever-changing list of challenges facing events.

Booths are now open at Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting 2023 in Dallas, Texas. Reserve yours and find out more about partnership opportunities at Expo! Expo! by contacting IAEE Vice President of Partnership Relationships Rick Jennings at

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