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CEM Spotlight on Brittany Labatt, CEM

Congratulations to Brittany Labatt, CEM for becoming a CEM gamechanger! Read about Brittany's CEM journey and what inspired her to pursue the CEM designation.

Congratulations to Brittany Labatt, CEM for becoming a CEM gamechanger! Read about Brittany’s CEM journey and what inspired her to pursue the CEM designation.

Ville natale: Mokena, IL
Université d'éducation : Bethel University
Comment le titre CEM vous a-t-il aidé dans votre carrière ?
I have learned so much taking the courses that I have been able to apply to my job and events. I love learning something that I can actually apply to my day to day life and job.
Pourquoi est-il important de conserver le titre CEM ?
It is important to continue to maintain the CEM designation as our industry is ever changing and having the CEM gives me the upper hand in being the expert in my field and event planning.
Qu’est-ce qui vous a poussé à vouloir obtenir votre titre CEM ?
I had been in the events industry for a few years and my co-worker started her CEM designation. Hearing what she was learning inspired me to want to learn more.
Quels conseils donneriez-vous à une personne en herbe qui souhaite postuler au programme CEM ?
DO IT! You learn so much and it really does not take too much out of our daily busy lives. I feel like some of the events I plan have improved from applicable things I have been able to bring back to the table and share with my team. Why not is really the question you should ask yourself,
Comment avez-vous débuté votre carrière dans ce secteur ?
My chance actually. I was looking for a temporary job and ended up at an association management company. Started working with GEAPS and doing more with them and turns out, I loved it! We ended up moving off on our own and haven’t looked back since.
Comment avez-vous fait une différence dans votre spectacle ou dans votre travail avec un client en appliquant les connaissances que vous avez acquises en obtenant votre titre CEM ?
We have changed how we frame our education, how we design our floorplan of our tradeshow, we have started looking more into the neuroscience of our attendees and trying to give them what they need and want.
Qu’avez-vous fait ou mis en œuvre juste après l’obtention de votre CEM ?
Looking more into the neuroscience of our attendees and exhibitors and how we can help them with knowing these details of how the brain works. This has allowed us to really frame education and layout to what is best for our attendees.
Qu’avez-vous le plus apprécié dans le programme d’apprentissage CEM ?
Hearing from my peers and gaining knowledge from others going through the same struggles as me.
Fait amusant à votre sujet – Quelle est la chose que la plupart des gens ne savent pas sur vous ?
I married into the Labatt family- the Canadian beer- Labatt Blue is their family’s company. They did however sell it off during the prohibition age as gang violence was too much for the family but the name still remains. I still have never even tried the beer.
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