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My #ExpoExpo Experience by Chad Chappell, CMP, Director of Sales Development with Visit Baltimore and Chair of the IAEE Expo! Expo! Advisory Committee

I have regularly attended Expo! Expo! for many years, but this is the first year I had the opportunity to be your Chair of the Expo! Expo! Advisory Committee.  From this view, I have seen first-hand that IAEE is a great organization and that Expo! Expo! is the premier opportunity to get the most value out of your organization’s membership.  As an attendee, I always felt a great vibe at the show. There was the top-notch education and B to B opportunities (all those great new leads!) as well as first class social events. But honestly we have several opportunities a year in our industry to attend similar shows, but there was always something a bit better, different, and special about Expo! Expo!  I took it for granted and came away satisfied year after year.  Now being so involved in the Advisory Committee I have unique insight as to how this happens.

Quite simply, its evolution.

Each year the IAEE staff take a deep dive into every aspect of the show.  What worked, what did not, and most importantly, they take that information to the Expo! Expo! Advisory Committee and put forth recommendations.  You are probably saying, of course, every organization does this after their annual trade show or event each year.  But IAEE is different because they have built very strong partnerships and relationships with the destinations and venues that host each year, as well as seek out member and exhibitor feedback. They then leverage those relationships and feedback to make real positive changes.

Sometimes those changes do not work. Sometimes they are a spectacular success. But that’s ok because it is always another opportunity to learn.  No risk, no reward!


That is what makes Expo! Expo! so great.  In the trade show and event industry I think you must be entrepreneurial and take risks.  If you are an organizer for either an established show or new show, a service provider for an established company or a new company, you must evolve or you die.  Maybe that is the vibe I have been getting?  All this entrepreneurial spirit in the air from the attendees creates something special.   It’s all about the action!

See you in Anaheim! Baltimore and San Antonio’s proud Synchronicities partner (shameless plug time).

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