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2023’s Top Rated Blogs

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IAEE Blog Station readers found these five blogs a must-read last year. Start the year off right by making sure you are in the know with what is top of mind among your colleagues!

By Mary Tucker, Sr. Communications & Content Manager

Twice a week, the IAEE Blog Station features articles covering a wide range of topics that provide valuable knowledge, stimulate creativity and highlight issues that are key focus points among industry leaders.

Here are the top five IAEE blogs that resonated with readers in 2023:

#5 The Vital Role of Sustainability: How Venues are Working to Build a Greener Industry

Exhibition Place convention center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Alexandra Serrano, Marketing and Communications Manager with Exhibition Place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada shares how the venue prioritizes sustainability and offers ways in which others can follow suit.

“Sustainability is increasingly important to attracting event attendees and attracting organizers to venues.” – Alexandra Serrano, Marketing and Communications Manager, Exhibition Place

#4 Color Matters

screen shot of video from news reporter Chris Porter's Speak on It! segment


IAEE DE&I Committee Member and Past IAEE Chairperson Carrie Ferenac offers an eye-opening reflection on the trouble with being “colorblind” and why it’s okay to talk about it by calling attention to a controversial opinion piece delivered by sports reporter Chris Porter.

“As a white, cisgender, Gen X-er, I have a lot to learn about color, and it’s not always an easy topic.” – Carrie Ferenac, Co-Founder and President, CNTV

#3 IAEE Spotlight on 2022 IAEE Outstanding Marketing & Sales Award Winner Lisa Lazzaretto

animated gif of 2022 IAEE Outstanding Marketing & Sales Award Winner Lisa Lazzaretto


In this spotlight interview, IAEE Outstanding Marketing & Sales Award Winner Lisa Lazzaretto shares the ways in which she is not deterred when it comes to helping her exhibitors and sponsors get the most bang for their buck. Her attention to detail and openness to new ideas resulted in record-breaking performance at a time when the majority of the industry was struggling.

“The exhibitions and events industry is so dynamic, and I love being part of bringing people together – it is so powerful.” – Lisa Lazzaretto, Director, Corporate Relations and Exhibition Services, RSNA

#2 Professional Mentorship: Best Practices for Mentors and Mentees

Past IAEE Chairperson Julie Smith, CEM, CTA


Past IAEE Chairperson Julie Smith, CEM, CTA shares insight on her role as a mentor in San Diego State University’s hospitality and tourism management graduate programs. She offers tips for both mentors and mentees to fully benefit from this valuable exchange.

“It allowed me to get perspective on what people are looking for in the job force these days… as someone who employs people, it’s important to stay in touch with what people are looking for.” – Julie Smith, CEM, CTA, Senior Vice President of Exhibition Sales, GES

#1 What’s Not to Love About These IAEE Member Benefits

animated image listing various IAEE member benefits


Oh, how IAEE loves its members! Posted on Valentine’s Day, this article shows that providing the best resources for our members is an all-day, every-day affair. If you are already a member, make sure you are taking full advantage of these benefits throughout the year. If you are not yet a member… what are you waiting for?

“We love exhibitions and events; we love collaborating with our industry partners; and – most of all – we love making sure our members have everything they need to successfully build on their own passions for the industry.” – Mary Tucker, Sr. Communications & Content Manager, IAEE

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