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IAEE Award Winner Spotlight on Troy Love, CTA, CMP, CASE, CEM: 2020 Bob Dallmeyer Educator of the Year Award

Congratulations to IAEE Award winner recipient, Troy Love of Visit San Antonio on earning the 2020 Bob Dallmeyer Educator of the Year Award.

By Mary Tucker, Sr. PR/Communications Manager

Troy Love, CTA, CMP, CASE, CEM, Senior Sales Manager for Visit San Antonio, has demonstrated a passion for learning that is reflected in his impressive list of certifications earned. It was while earning his Certified in Exhibition Management® (CEM) designation that he realized that he too could assist CEM candidates achieve their career goals and soon became a CEM instructor. Troy has had the pleasure over the years of helping hundreds of students achieve their goal of securing the CEM. He has noted that teaching CEM has been particularly meaningful to him when he sees his students walk across the stage to be recognized and then later when they seek him out at Expo! Expo! to personally thank him for his effort and guidance in making their career goals a reality.

For Troy, teaching online has challenged him as it brings with it many unique situations that often require sympathy, empathy and understanding when it come to the needs of the students. Each month-long class provides many opportunities to engage with the student via email or through the program platform. He initially began teaching two subjects per year and, over the years, has taught the majority of the courses offered, culminating in teaching nine classes last year! His dedication has earned him the respect of not only his students, but his teaching peers.

Troy’s commitment to advancing education within the industry earned him the Bob Dallmeyer Educator of the Year Award last year, for which he was recognized this past December during virtual Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition.

Here, Troy shares with IAEE his philosophies on learning, teaching and how to make the most of one’s educational and CEM journeys.

You are obviously a fan of continuing education and appreciate the value of maintaining a current perspective of the industry. What do you consider the greatest benefits of earning and maintaining the CEM designation to be?

Earning and maintaining of a CEM designation keeps you engaged and up-to-date on the latest trends and the “how-to” for exhibition management. It’s all about constant, continual learning. Staying fresh in the industry.

As a student, what was your strategy for getting the most out of the CEM Learning Program? Now that you are teaching the courses, would you apply that same strategy or would you recommend a different approach?

As a student, my strategy was really to engage with fellow students. I feel that the best part in online courses, those that I teach, is that you get to engage with students over a month. It’s really the same strategy and what I try to express to students in courses I teach – engage as much as you can. Ask questions and make suggestions to other students. Learn from their experience.

Do you have a favorite teaching philosophy that you apply across all the courses you facilitate, or do you have different methods for different modules? In that same vein, what is your favorite way to prepare for teaching a course or favorite activity to implement during one or more of the courses?

Philosophies differ with courses. As times are constantly changing so are the interactions, especially in today’s world. What exists now may not maintain into the future (for example: COVID restrictions and strategy), however, being prepared for what could exist and how it would affect future exhibitions is key.

What do you like most about serving on the CEM Faculty?

It’s truly the camaraderie amongst the faculty. Everyone is available and willing to help if needed. IAEE has also been great and extremely supportive. It’s been a pleasure being associated with so many highly talented individuals. There is so much expertise amongst the faculty members. I really miss being able to get together like we do at Expo! Expo!. Hopefully this year.

What advice would you give someone considering earning their CEM designation about balancing the requirements of the program with their work/life?

Troy: Definitely do it! Don’t wait! There is never a perfect time. Balancing of requirements will be based on your flexibility and your time management. For some, it is meeting face-to-face (which hopefully returns soon) and for others it is being able to sprinkle their time throughout four weeks. Everyone is different. For me, I found that having the ability to earn my CEM through online courses was perfect and allowed me to achieve my CEM designation in one year. That’s also why I enjoy teaching online, as I can relate to those that take the courses. It is also very rewarding when you complete all the requirements and get that coveted CEM.

The Call for Nominations for this year’s IAEE Awards is now open! Check out all of the award categories here and be sure to submit your nominations by 31 August!

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