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Expo! Expo! Is All About ENERGY

Expo! Expo! Advisory Committee member Carrie Ferenac shares what she loves most about #ExpoExpo and why Louisville is THE PLACE TO BE this December.

By 2022 IAEE Chairperson Carrie Ferenac

I recently read The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon. The book tells the story of a man whose life is a mess and when his car breaks down, he has to take the bus. The bus driver (appropriately named Joy) is committed to unleashing positive energy and shares her rules to live by with everyone who rides her bus. One of her rules is, “Fuel your ride with positive energy.”   

That’s exactly why I attend Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition!

I’ve heard it said for years that the “show for shows” is like a family reunion. There are more hugs on the show floor than at a Baptist Family Reunion. (And I can say that because I’m a preacher’s kid!) This was on display like never before at Expo! Expo! 2021 in Philadelphia during the opening night at the Reading Terminal Market. At every turn, I saw someone I hadn’t seen for almost two years, and it warmed my soul. That positive energy kept me going for months. 

Some of my favorite sessions at Expo! Expo! are those led by Janet Sperstad. Janet teaches about the neuroscience of learning, and often talks about “hits of dopamine.” When we hug a friend, or even high five a stranger, our brains get a hit. It’s incredible, and it happens all the time during Expo! Expo!.

The positive energy extends from the show floor to the education sessions. This year, the IAEE team is planning activation zones as a part of the education. These will be places for us to interact, learn, and experience things hands-on. More dopamine, and more positive energy. 

And if you’re really looking for energy – look no further than the lobby bar. At the end of each day, we are all energized, sharing stories and catching up. 

I can’t wait for Expo! Expo! in Louisville, and I hope you’ll join me. If you haven’t met the team from Go To Louisville, they ooze positivity! I know they’re going to show us the best the city has to offer.   

Another one of Joy’s rules on the Energy Bus is this: “Have fun and enjoy the ride.” 

I plan to do just that in Louisville on 13-15 December.

Registration is open for this year’s Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2022. Get the BE SMART RATE today and prepare to experience THE PLACE TO BE in the exhibitions and events industry this December!

About the Author

Carrie Ferenac and her business partner, Marcelo Zolessi, co-founded Convention News Television (CNTV) in 2007 after seeing a need for digital content and live production in the exhibitions and events industry. Now, the company produces live and remote content for more than seventy clients annually. The video stories bring events to life, and offer associations and for-profit show organizers a new stream of revenue through sponsorships. CNTV also partners with IAEE, PCMA, TSNN and Tradeshow Executive to produce video content and live coverage of industry events throughout the year.

Carrie has an extensive background in broadcast journalism and management. She spent 11 years at the NBC affiliate in Orlando (WESH-TV). Now, Carrie is entrenched in the meetings industry. She currently serves as Chairperson of the IAEE Board of Directors. She was a finalist for PCMA’s Supplier of the year in 2017 and 2019. She volunteers her time and energy to projects that forward the industry, including the Exhibition and Conferences Alliance’s (ECA) Legislative Week and the Exhibitions Mean Business campaign.

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